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“A Very British Broadcasting Cult” from Lighthouse Global Media

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Exposing the BBC’s support of predatory trolls and toxic, abusive families.

We will now publicly reveal shocking and previously withheld pieces of evidence that the BBC has wilfully ignored from us and neglected to investigate with Lighthouse, ahead of its upcoming docuMYTHry.

Using recordings of the BBC’s sources, in their own words, it will quickly become very evident how the claims being circulated by the BBC’s media machine are defamatory, libellous, and maliciously false. For the first time, we provide a tangible glimpse of the abuse within the families that have been trying to smear Lighthouse for the last 2 years. Their attempts to destroy our reputations and livelihoods are in order to cover up all manner of dark secrets and abuses of their grown children/siblings who came to Lighthouse to heal and develop themselves and their lives. This can no longer be tolerated and neither can the many libellous and defamatory statements being made against us by those who are colluding with these abusers.

The BBC, which shamefully tried to cover up the Jimmy Saville scandal, is to again be found hiding the truth in a bid to protect a collective of abusive and malicious individuals. If there is a cult involved here, it is that which is attacking Lighthouse, not Lighthouse itself.

We continue to pray for those who persecute us and we give thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for His grace in guiding us to ensure the truth is brought to light and justice is achieved. God bless all those who stand with us for truth.

Lighthouse Statement on “A Very British Cult”

The BBC’s decision to broadcast, ‘A Very British Cult’ represents a deeply embarrassing and shameful, categoric failure in regards to professional investigative reporting. The BBC has consistently demonstrated a clear and present contempt for accuracy and reporting the truth, as well as an eager willingness to collude in a malicious smear campaign they have been repeatedly informed and warned about. All of this is proved via extensive correspondence and material evidence. This production is a blatant abuse of licence fee payers’ money to further a sensationalised agenda from BBC producers, at the callous expense of innocent people’s reputations, lives, their children, families and livelihoods.

Lighthouse has many times informed the BBC that they are provably supporting individuals who are:

1. Controlling and abusive family members attacking Lighthouse to hide their true character and abuse of our Lighthouse partners, past and present, some of whom are hiding past childhood sexual and psychosexual abuses.

2. Malicious and libellous individuals conducting a smear campaign in order to leverage and force unwarranted refunds. Individuals we can prove have lied repeatedly in the press and to the Secretary of State’s Insolvency Service.

In their 18-month process of so-called ‘investigations’ into the wild and unfounded allegation that Lighthouse Global (then Lighthouse International Group) is a cult, the BBC made no attempt to interview or try to speak to anyone currently working at Lighthouse until shortly prior to broadcasting. More critical than this, the BBC overtly ignored and avoided multiple offers to engage with and receive extensive and compelling material evidence from Lighthouse that unequivocally refutes, debunks and disproves the malicious myths they are purporting, throughout 2022 and early 2023.

For further information on Debunking The Main Myths From The BBC Against Lighthouse - continue reading here: Lighthouse Global Media

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