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BREAKING NEWS: Paul S. Waugh Takes to Twitter with Appeal to Love One Another

Updated: Feb 7

Paul S.Waugh, head mentor at Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global, declares Christ as his mentor, coach, and counsellor in first tweets

Written by Vivienne Juan, Associate Elect Partner, Lighthouse Global

“I have Christ in me. And I’m committed to that, that’s the only thing I’m interested in. I’m not interested in being comfortable, I'm not interested in being happy, I’m not interested in being joyful, I’m not interested in being peaceful, I’m not interested in being any of those things for their own sake. I’m interested in whatever comes my way through Christ because Christ has allowed me that. If Christ gifts me joy, then I’ll experience it through the worst persecution. I don’t need something nice to happen for that to happen. And this is how I’m going to be communicating.”

“The first statement I'm making here is that I'm open to engage, like Christ is, and like Christ was.”

In a first for Lighthouse Global, Head Mentor, Paul S. Waugh posted to his personal Twitter account, sharing his message of humanity and the love of Christ. Previously, Paul’s social media account was managed with quotes from his myriad hours of calls with the core associate team.

“I’m going to deal with questions, I’m going to deal with issues, I’m going to deal with people’s questions and I’m going to deal with them openly.“

Paul’s first address to the Twitterverse comprised five tweets, each one packed with its own wisdom. The first of the five serves as an indicator of what’s to come, leading and teaching from Christ to us as humans. His message is clear: Let’s live in love, care, and respect for one another.

“Whoever you think I am out there, I’m not expecting you to approve of me. I’m just telling you how it is, whether you like it or not. But you’re fighting a man in your head, not me. ”

The second tweet speaks about solving problems, and how hate is not the answer.

Up next, the third tweet recognises the need for a willingness to suffer short term for solutions long term.

Repentance and the atonement of Christ are the subject of the penultimate tweet, as Paul humbly acknowledges his imperfection, and his desire to pay penance and be forgiven.

Finally, the fifth tweet finishes with gratitude, and a promise to love the haters.

Personally, I’m really excited for the world to meet Paul S. Waugh as the sincerely loving, righteous, and wise man he really is. Since Paul has been very private up until recently, what’s out there for people to see and read and listen to is very little and very biased. Even the content posted of Paul by us here at Lighthouse in the form of The Waugh Rooms sees Paul responding to a very specific issue, with regard to our online trolls, including the defamatory libel from the Daily Mail.

Precisely because of Paul’s high regard for privacy, especially in relation to his family, it is all the more touching to me that he has decided to publicly give his voice to stand up for what is right, including the support of children and families affected by online trolling, as well as Christians who are being persecuted. It truly represents a massive self-sacrifice, yet Paul sees it as an honour and a privilege. In conversation with Senior Partner, Chris Nash, Paul shares the rationale behind his new, soul-baring tweets:

“Really, at the end of the day, people need to learn something here, that it’s hell of a way to live as an imperfect person, knowing that if anyone finds something out about you, that you won’t get another job, or you won't be employable, or you will be a pariah, because they know something deep down inside you. Or something that you’ve done. Where is the opportunity to reform? Where is the opportunity to grow? Where is the opportunity to make it right? Where is the opportunity to fix something? Where is the opportunity to heal? Where’s the opportunity to regenerate? Where’s the repentance? Where’s the atonement? Where’s forgiveness? Where’s the new start? How can penance be paid when there’s so much hatred and rejection that penance isn’t even possible? This is what needs to be taught. And not just taught by some lesson of today on my YouTube channel, this needs to be taught through a real life person, in a real life situation, in a real life crisis, and this is what’s going to happen now. But you can’t do that while you’re still trying to protect yourself and hoping like mad that people will accept you. You have to have the same attitude of Christ when He started His ministry. He knew it was going to end in crucifixion. You’ve got to have the same attitude. Because if you’re coming into the frame like this, opening up to everybody, and expecting to be loved and accepted and adored, you’re delusional, you’ve lost the plot, you will be hurt and be destroyed by every comment. But I’m taking the attitude that Christ had when He started His ministry. He knew, He always knew it would end in crucifixion; it wasn't a surprise. He knew He’d be hated, He knew they would try and trick Him, He knew they would publicly humiliate Him, He knew they would try all of that. He was the most perfect person who’s ever walked this earth, Jesus Christ, not little old me. But I come with that same attitude, not to expect love, not to expect joy, not to expect peace, not to expect any of it, but where it exists, to relish it, and to love that, and to appreciate it. But not to expect it at all. To expect hatred from a hateful world, anti-love from a world that’s filled with it. Nastiness, resentment, bitterness from a world that is just largely that. I expect it. I haven't come on here to make friends and influence people. I’ve come on here to share the Christ that is in me. Because that is the one thing I will not do wrong, is hide the light, and the truth, and the reality, and my creator and the Christ that is with me, my redeemer, from the world who needs redemption.”

What do you think of Paul taking a stand? What is Christ's role in your life? How ought we to handle hate and lead with love? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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