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How To Love & Live Life: Part 1 - You Are Loved

Updated: Feb 7

"Your life is not about you and your own thoughts, it's not about you and the systems that you are building. Ultimately you are in response to something much greater than you and that thing that is greater than you is looking at you and calling you out and saying I love you" - Dr Matthew Patrusek

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

I am launching a 3 part series on life summed up within three videos to show the benefits of recognising that we as human beings are loved. How hard it is to love ourselves, given the influences around us and hold ourselves to higher standards even when it is incredibly painful and challenging, moving through to loving others, wanting the best for them.

Have you ever questioned what it is like to truly be loved? I've barely considered it. It isn't about those who love us but the source of that love, of care and kindness, the extension, the wanting to love. In the book, the Road Less Travelled, by M Scott Peck, who is one of the pre-eminent psychologists of his day says “I define love thus: The will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth.” What drives the love and encourages someone to extend themselves? That source, that energy is the ultimate source, what created this world, what is, as Dr Matthew Patrusek was explaining in this moving video.

Here is a powerful experience from a Lighthouse community member on how important it is that we love ourselves, to have a loving community around us to learn how to appreciate ourselves and see where we can love increasingly through times of confusion and disarray.

"My mentorship experience has been a journey of discovering the importance of loving myself and continuously committing myself to take responsibility to build the life I want." - Balius and Xanthus

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