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I Didn't Learn This At University or School...

Updated: Mar 15

I first met my mentor Jatinder while I was studying at university, and the first thing I remember feeling was how much he cared, knowing that I had met someone who had my best interests at heart.

As I started to learn more about myself, Jatinder helped me to work through and process many challenges that had led to my feeling of being worthless, and to see past the limitations that I had set for what my potential was from my experiences growing up.

I remember thinking to myself many times, why didn’t I learn this in my course at university? I realise now looking back that the most valuable part of my time at university was the mentoring I received because of how it helped me to start forging my character, healing from my struggles with mental health and to start putting steps in place to build my life after graduation and beyond.

Over time, I have built trust with Jatinder through being challenged and held accountable in areas that have been incredibly painful to face. This is something I have written about more in another post around what happens when we lose our sense of self. I will attach the link here if you would like to read more about it.

No matter how difficult things have been, there has always been a commitment between us to come back to the table and work things out when we need to. It’s only through the growing trust in our relationship that I have been able to work through many of my most challenging experiences, including my self-harm from when I was in my early teens, to relationship breakdowns, changing careers, financial fears and many more.

Most crucial to this has been the love and care of Jatinder, Paul S. Waugh, and everyone at Lighthouse Global to help me find my voice, to recognise my value, and I am excited by the opportunities to be serving others and supporting them with the same level of care that I am so grateful to have received from others.

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