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The Loving Candour of Mentorship in My Life & Career

Updated: Mar 15

Over the last 8 years, I've been mentored and coached by Sukh and Warren at Lighthouse. Through their support, I can confidently say that the work I've done with them has been the biggest driver of change in my life, ever. They've accompanied me through the highs and lows - providing love, wisdom and candour through the toughest moments.

Thanks to that support I was able to rise to be the youngest Country Director ever in my (then) organisation's history; I was able to exit a long-term relationship in a way that I could be proud of (that enabled my ex-partner and I to retain a healthy relationship with each other) - and then build a new relationship that really reflected my deepest values, ultimately leading to marriage and becoming a father; and I was supported to make a major life transition - out of the corporate world and into a vocation that I feel called to, in the process building a life that better reflects the vision I have for my life.

I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Lighthouse Global - for anyone who is willing to do what it takes to improve their life for the better and become more of the person you are capable of being. The work is not easy, and the commitment to candour means you'll often receive what you need to be told, not necessarily what you want to hear! But I found that with that candour comes care and consideration, and a real sense that I was never alone, even when the times were most difficult.

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