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Tom Kelly "Investigative Journalist" of the Daily Mail, You Left Out Jack Comer's Personal Statement

Updated: Feb 7

What the trolls and the Daily Mail don't want to present in revenge campaigns...The truth of good, honest, hard working, loving people. This is my life experience of the past three years so you can read and feel a real experience of what actually goes on in the lives of people at Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global.

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In light of recent events, trolls and people at the Daily Mail trying so desperately assassinate the character and wellbeing of Lighthouse Global, Paul S. Waugh, my fellow partners and myself. I thought I would share the statement that I actually sent to the Daily Mail to which they completely ignored (below). If you would like to hear Lighthouse Global's response of the libellous article written by the Daily Mail then please click here. I am a client turned partner-elect at Lighthouse Gobal, not an employee. No one has forced me to do this, I stand by this statement wholeheartedly.

Jack Comer's Personal Statement:

I was interested in self-development because I wanted more from my life, I didn’t realise how limiting and wasteful my “existence” had been up until that point. I come from an extremely feral background with virtually no role models, my mum was a recovering alcoholic and my dad had left because of it when my twin sister and I were 2 years old. With my dad gone and my mum barely able to look after us I felt that I had done something wrong, always trying to please my mum, competing for love with my sister that she couldn’t give to us, she couldn’t love herself. With my dad playing his position with “fun dad on weekend” I never had a role model in my life, I received undisciplined discipline. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I couldn’t really socialise well with being extremely remiss from a lot of social interaction and my young adult life I would try to escape the disarray and destruction, the reality of my bleak life because I had no one to set me on the path of the straight and narrow. I was always searching for acceptance from everyone because I wasn’t accepting of myself.

Fast forward 3 years later I have been helped more than I could have ever imagined possible, it hasn’t been an easy journey. I’ve been very resistant to my own growth, going out to parties, still trying to cling to the old unhealthy life I had, especially when things got hard and challenging. I have been helped through a horrible break-up with my ex-girlfriend which left me depressed for 3 months, during that time 2 of my uncles died and my mum was diagnosed and and still has stage 4 lung cancer, as anyone can imagine what has happened would crush anyone's soul. In looking after my mum I have been helped, supported and encouraged by Victoria Bytel, having worked through her struggles with cancer, she has been a massive help to me and my family. Paul S. Waugh has sent my mum a weekly delivery of vegetables and Ph adjust, saying specifically if I need absolutely anything that I let him know. He has encouraged me to hold people in my life who were possibly part of this trolling ring accountable when they had posted allegations of “brainwashing” on a Whatsapp channel that I was a part of. I, with the help of Paul S. Waugh, Chris Nash and Jai Singh to hold them to account because of their petulant behaviour, where are my so-called friends now I am taking responsibility for my life? They’re not here. Where was their support reciprocated when their mums were diagnosed with cancer and I went over to their house to give them chocolates, flowers, cards, wine and to be there to support them? They’re not here because they ran away, some friendship. It’s evident to see that I am finally respecting myself with people who have been in my life, most recently with my sister. I had a situation last year inviting her up to Paul’s home, given he extended his invitation to those close to me, not just me but every partner in Lighthouse Global, what was my sister's response? “I will never agree with your work”, she felt satisfied with her comment knowing it would hurt me, I’ve been bullied by her all my life. Her resistance towards our work is because she isn’t willing to look inside of herself, she only looks outside of herself, a common narcissistic trait. I had sent her a 7-page written letter explaining how I need some space from her bullying and to ask her to look at herself, where she had done wrong, where she could have treated me a lot better, to love herself, it was a plea for her to finally look at herself. That whatever happens I am always there for her no matter what. What was her reply you ask? “I do think it’s good we spend some time apart, just know I love you and care for you” but what about the 7-page letter I wrote to her? What’s her response to that? Those two very small insignificant lines, because if she loved me, if my so-called friends wanted the best for me they would be here fighting my corner. Paul Waugh has always encouraged me to love my family which I have done, but I’ve needed space from them for my own health in all areas mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

The only people who have ever truly loved me, not just the word love because that doesn't mean anything. The verb love, the extension, the proactive care are what truly means something. Chris Nash coming out of a meeting when my mum told me it was Stage 4 lung cancer to help me understand how I can use the situation and her health to help and support others to honour their life, to come closer to one another given the extremely painful and challenging situations. Ed Zapp literally holding me up when I was having a mental breakdown moving out from my family home. Jai Singh calling me when I was with my mum to make sure I was okay, that I was supporting her as best as I could. The loving messages from every single member of Lighthouse to pass onto my mum, to support her where they could. Adam Wallis voice messaging my mum sending his love, Warren Vaughan sending me and my family love and support when my mum was diagnosed with cancer, Shaun Cooper set up a meeting for us two to talk about supporting my mum through cancer. Do you really want me to go on? I am honoured to know what it means to truly be supported by family, how tainted and broken my life has been and could have been not having parents and siblings around me here at Lighthouse that are more caring than my own flesh and blood. This isn’t some fluffy romantic version of Lighthouse, I stand by what I say 100%. Try to find a troll to write that, they can’t because when they walked away from Lighthouse Global they rejected a surrogate family that knows the true meaning of the word, the action and the deed of love.

Jack Comer.

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