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What Do I Do With My Life? Jordan Peterson

Updated: Feb 7

“What do I do with my life, it’s like… what is the answer to everything?” Jordan Peterson

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

“What do I do with my life?” was a question I asked myself constantly from my teens. Dropping out of college twice, I couldn’t find something that I enjoyed doing, and when you ask the question “What do I do with my life?” or “Where do I want to go with my life?”, the options in the world are so vast and widespread, that I, like many people, didn’t know where to start.

Admittedly, I have struggled with taking responsibility in my life. It’s not easy, especially when friends are working in a whole spectrum of jobs. I did eventually graduate college for plumbing—top of the class—but that was only when I began to value myself. After two years I decided it wasn’t for me. What I appreciate about what Jordan Peterson is sharing is that we can look around us and see others in our lives do good. Yes, we have to implement what they are working towards (security within their lives) but we must choose what we want to do and where we want to go in our lives.

One job isn’t the be-all and end-all, but it certainly is a good start. Life’s pressures do get in the way, and we must take time to nurture our spirit through prayer and meditation, and through educating ourselves, constantly. Education doesn’t stop at the end of university or college, and neither do our fitness or social skills.

If you’d like to be supported to learn and understand about unlocking your potential, using it in your life, and to increasingly answer the question “What do I do with my life?” then please visit the mentoring and coaching page on our website.

Here is my good friend Rob’s experience in learning to become a coach, taking responsibility for his life, honing his focus on where he can serve others, and guiding them through their life's challenges.

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