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What’s Mentoring Like at Lighthouse International? Reviews From Quora

Updated: Feb 7

Want to know what the experience of mentoring is like at Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global?

Check out some of the answers on Quora to hear people's personal experiences. You can read them here or just scroll down below.

Lighthouse Global Mentoring Experiences shared on Quora

Hear from some of our mentorees below, many of them have been mentored by us for a number of years in areas across life, career, business, family and relationships. Many of our mentorees benefit so much from the experience they even go on to become mentors themselves!

Nassreen Nadat

Nassreen Nadat Quora question on mentoring Lighthouse International

Lee Frimston

Lee Frimston Quora question on mentoring Lighthouse International

Victoria Bytel

Victoria Bytel Quora question on mentoring Lighthouse International

Tendy St Francis

Elizabeth Abdelkereem

Here's our Head Mentor, Paul S. Waugh, sharing more about what mentoring is like:

To discover more about being mentored at Lighthouse Global click here to contact us on our mentoring page to speak with one of the team...

Check out our social media pages for more about what we've learnt about human potential over the last 18 years.

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