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When Hippos and Starlings Collide...Will they look inside? An Appeal from Lighthouse International

Updated: Feb 7

Written by Olivia Humphries, Associate Partner at Lighthouse Global

"A real man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is. A coward hides behind lies and deceit." - Iona Mink

An Appeal to Those Who Lie & Hide...

My intention for writing this article is to encourage the truth to come to the surface. My hands are legally tied somewhat, as are Lighthouse Global's, in responding to claims being written online about us by those who currently hide behind pseudonyms (HappyHippo717 & Starling157) to write falsehoods and lies. We however are not that powerless that we cannot share the truth. It is in the public's interest that their claims are proven and backed up, if they have any integrity... yet none have done so, while quoting the right to 'opinion' and 'freedom of speech'. Well, opinion and freedom of speech is not good enough because the freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to lie and distort the truth, to damage lives and livelihoods. Below I will explain the responsibilities we all have when making accusations and the necessary steps we need to take to ensure the truth is preserved...This is not just about making it right with us, this is about making it right full stop. This is about healing.

An Olive Branch by Topaz777

This is for everyone whose lives have been destroyed by cowards and their deliberate and blatant lies to suit their agenda. I am writing this for you. Because even though I pray otherwise I believe these trolls are now in so deep that there are too many lies that cloud their own ability to see the truth. Thank goodness for recorded evidence! (This goes for the whole smear campaign - transparency is key). These lies have started to unravel and I suspect these cowards can’t afford the size of their fall. Ironically that is what they are trying to project on to myself, Warren Vaughan and the whole of Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global. But.. I have the evidence right here! And here is my advice to those who have resorted to this ill and deceitful online trolling...

An honest and open appeal to those hiding behind pseudonyms 'Starling157' and 'Happyhippo717'.

I personally have known you for three years and want to appeal to your conscience. To do what is right, to do what is just, to do what is righteous and what is loving.

You have both written online (some examples shared below) and made many accusations about myself, Warren Vaughan, Paul S. Waugh and Lighthouse Global as a whole. As you have made these accusations it is up to you to prove them and back them up. If you don't, you have a responsibility to make your wrongs right. We know you don’t have proof because it is nonsense. We, however, do have proof of your falsehoods and accusations so we are asking you do the honourable thing and allow us to share it.

We have the transcript of the last call between myself, Warren Vaughan, ‘Starling157’ and ‘Happyhippo717’ of which you have spoken about falsely online. You have the evidence, you have the recording as do we. So let us have an agreement in place? You have my permission to release that audio but it must be in totality. No editing, no chopping and tampering of it. Do I have your permission to release it under the same conditions?

All we need is your permission to share it and the truth will be revealed. If you don’t give us your permission now, the courts will eventually ensure that not just this audio and transcript are released, but many more as evidence will be for the public to see. Not just this one transcript but all of them, we can release every single transcript that flies in the face of your dark, pernicious falsehoods and lies. So it is a matter of time before it comes out. To quote 'Happyhippo717' himself “the truth will always prevail". We have the transcript ready to be posted, the only people that are in the way of the truth is you "HappyHippo717" and "Starling157". If you allow us to release this transcript it will at least give you some form of credibility of which you currently have none whatsoever.

You have two options moving forwards:

  1. You make your wrongs right online and offline with us, and allow us to share the transcript

  2. We go the full hog and go through the courts of law with all of your fellow trolls where the truth will come out regardless

I strongly suggest the first option, for you and your young family. In all honesty no one wanted to go down this road, we have only ever wanted to help you. We live in a cause and effect world. At least make it right, it's not too late! Remember, we did not ask for this. You brought these lies into the public domain, we did not! Therefore this is your responsibility to make it right and provide everyone with the evidence as it is in the public's interest. You may be holding back because of data protection laws, so let me reinforce this again, we give you permission to release this last audio in totality between the four of us on the 14th of February 2022.

Let me make this clear again for you both and for everyone reading this… The only way to truly heal is through humility and the willingness to make your wrongs right. To seek forgiveness from those you have wronged starting with yourself. If this is what you are like towards us online, God only knows what you are like to one another offline. Right in between your online vitriol and your offline resentment and hate, is a young life who didn’t ask for this. Here is your chance through all this chaos to fall into communion as a family. To genuinely build in love through forgiveness with yourselves and each other starting by being honest with yourselves after all, families ought to be in communion.

Below you can see just some of their very childish and inflated claims:

Here is a post written by ‘Starling157’. Really ‘Starling157’? Are you sure you want to stand by this when we have the transcript for all to see? If you are so confident that you can post what you have written online then I am sure you won’t have a problem with us posting the actual transcript for all to see?

Here's just some of what 'Starling157' has written...

Post by 'Starling157' on reddit

In conclusion...

Above is just one example of months worth of continuous and persistent online accusations. As I wrote in my previous article, their time would have been best spent resolving any of their issues with us. It would have saved them so much embarrassment and a lot of pain. This is more to teach others about lies and deceit, how these lies happen and why anyone would do it behind a pseudonym. The deeper their lies go, the less chance they have of revealing themselves and being honest, instead the more they hide! However you 'Starling157' and 'Happyhippo717' have a chance now not to inflict any further pain, and further embarrassment by doing what is right. The posts you have written like the one above are actually highly manipulative despite you accusing us of being so.

For example Warren Vaughan speaks openly and honestly with you about his personal experience of building his relationship with his own mother, with the continuous encouragement and support of Paul S. Waugh. Paul S. Waugh insisted that Warren Vaughan did his best to build his relationship with his mother because if he could not do that he would not have the honour to do this work. Yet you conveniently leave that out of your posts. Warren Vaughan also reinforced to you multiple times to leave mentorship for the right reasons and to be clear what those reasons are, as well as for you to get the help you need. Yet you don't write about that either. It's been deeply saddening to see the lengths you have gone to online and to see your fabricated lies. I do really hope you both can find the love and strength to listen to your conscience.

Warren Vaughan and I, along with the whole of Lighthouse send you and your family all our love. We are thinking of you in this painful, challenging and chaotic time. Our door is still open. We look forward to hearing your response and for the "truth to prevail". I hope to hear from you both, and not what I fear for you that you're both far too gone.

If anyone reading this has any proof to back up the allegations made against myself or anyone at Lighthouse Global we would welcome the opportunity to make whatever wrongs we have made right. Please email me on

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