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Coming from a not so privileged background I wanted more from life than what I was living at the time lost in a monotonous world of ‘Groundhog day’, everyday the same whether that be in work or in conversations. I soon realised that this wasn’t the life that I wanted to “lead” but instead I wanted to build a life of adventure and curiosity so I started looking for answers.

My quest was simple: ‘Find a mentor to teach me how to lead my life with purpose.’ Although I didn’t realise what that purpose was, I found exactly what I was looking for. Someone who could help me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, to give me more direction and understanding why I was so stuck in a 9-5 and living for the weekend, when I hadn’t really lived!

Since working with Lighthouse International I have started to realise how to lead myself, how I handle situations and issues that come up, but most of all I have learned how to care for myself and others more so than I have ever done before and it is growing each and every day.

I want to connect people who truly care for themselves and the world. People who are, like me, curious in finding ways to help others through the damage that they have faced through their life experiences. Gaining confidence and courage to take a stand for their personal development in the areas of their life and business. I believe that we need a community of people to spot where we, myself included, are lacking in character and competence and guide us to living with a purpose.

The road I have travelled hasn’t been easy! It has been excruciating at times being challenged on perceptions I have previously had, but the growth that I have made is incredible and it will only continue as I develop into an adult. They say ‘Pain Instructs’ but the joy of working through my myriad of problems has been worth that pain and so rewarding that I want to share these lessons with others.

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