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Asking Trolls - What Exactly Is Your Desired Outcome Or Goal?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

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“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” ~ Winston Churchill

This article is specifically to help anyone who might have come across posts and comments on Reddit making false, deceitful and libellous accusations about Lighthouse Global, as well as character assassinating individuals involved with Lighthouse. As well as this, it is also a challenge to those posting on Reddit to reveal their intentions and what their main goal actually is...

In line with this I will also explore the following questions:

  1. What is the context to those trolling Lighthouse?

  2. What are the true intentions and motivations of those on reddit?

  3. Why do we call the people posting on reddit trolls?

  4. Trolls of reddit - what exactly is your desired outcome or goal?

You will note that I am writing this under my real name with my true identity attached, not anonymously under a pseudonym. That means that if I am wrong about anything I am willing to take responsibility for it and I am also able to be held accountable because everyone knows who I am and where to find me / reach me. That’s not the case with people on Reddit and is a crucial point because where there is no accountability there will be no responsibility, which is the primary reason anyone criticising me, our Chairman, or anyone else involved at Lighthouse chooses the anonymity of Reddit. They don’t believe they can be held accountable and therefore are free from responsibility for what they say and who it affects, whether true or not. However, as some are finding through our efforts working with the police, one by one they are being unmasked and held to that account.

What Is The Context To Those Trolling Lighthouse?

Any company has detractors and critics and even hateful trolls and we at Lighthouse are no different or exception to that. We expect to be persecuted by those with a degree or more of hateful and narcissistic pathology in the world, especially when our work is aimed at empowering people to weed out the worst in themselves, to grow and develop and, crucially, to stand up to bullies and unreasonable, hateful people. We know we are far from perfect, have many faults and will certainly get things wrong. Indeed we have got many things wrong and when that’s the case we apologise and take responsibility and learn from it. However we refuse to engage in hostile, harassing and/or malicious attempts to try and bully, or blackmail us as individuals and/or the company. Such people are those who will choose to go online anonymously or not and write negative and hateful things because they lack the emotional maturity to sit down and work out solutions responsibly and reasonably with the right intention. If someone's intention isn't right, isn't healthy, then whatever they say and/or do after that won't be either.

As you may or may not be aware, there‘s been a relentless online anonymous smear campaign waged against us on Reddit to deliberately harass and defame Associate Partners and Lighthouse as a whole since spring 2021. It’s well known to us that two of the main protagonists and proponents of this campaign are ex-Associate Partners who both left Lighthouse in 2021 demanding refunds for previous investments made through the company for their training and development. However this is in dispute and various public and private attempts have since been made by Lighthouse to enter into a reasonable and civil discourse with these individuals over their issues with the company, however these have all been rejected and even mocked online, which just shows the level at which these people are able to resolve conflicts and the healthiness of their intentions.

Due to the lack of legal standing for their refund claims these partners have turned to character assassination and defamation of Lighthouse using Reddit and other platforms. Acting almost totally under pseudonyms but revealing themselves by their ‘stories’, these two ex-partners have recruited a following of anonymous accomplices that currently consists of a small handful (at most) of disgruntled ex-clients, a mix of various estranged family members, so-called ‘friends’ and a list of unknown Redditors who were either encouraged to join from other forums or who stumbled across the posts and ‘jumped on the bandwagon’, always up for an online food fight.

The repeating and baseless claims and accusations across the board centre around Lighthouse being deemed as a cult, of practising mind control and practising brainwashing techniques to steal people away from relatives, partners and of course, their money. Claims that have never been backed up or substantiated by any credible evidence and/or credible sources other than subjective opinion and hearsay. These are things one would expect anyone with genuine concern and belief about them to go to the police with, however that hasn't happened, despite our invitation for them to do so. We are still waiting for any cult expert or authorities to take us up on our offer to come and investigate and interview us.

What Are The True Intentions And Motivations Of Those On Reddit?

So that said, we have to wonder what the real reasons are for so much noise and no action. If you read one negative post or comment on Reddit about Lighthouse by itself and you knew nothing of the context and reality behind these posts I can understand how some might be taken in by what is there. However, when you understand the context and you read across many of the posts and you look for what is consistent in their tone, attitudes, intentions, methods and what their true desired outcomes must be, you will start to see how much of a one sided cartoon picture of everyone at Lighthouse is being painted. That Lighthouse are this big, bad, evil, mind controlling group of despots and crooks while everything they write about themselves is completely positive, exclaiming how righteous and caring, well intentioned and pure they are and how oppressed and badly treated they have been.

Life just isn't like this. No one is purely bad and no one is purely good. If Lighthouse Global were as terrible as they make out then we would all be in jail by now. Why hasn’t even one lawsuit been filed against the company in 18 years, even despite this trolling? Because Lighthouse simply isn't what people on Reddit say and those without a cynical agenda know this. Yet these are people who want others to believe Lighthouse are those things to suit them and so they write about it as much as they can in the hope that saying it again and again and again will make it seem true to the uninitiated. To quote the BBC:

““Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. Among psychologists something like this known as the "illusion of truth" effect”.

You will struggle to find any genuinely healthy and positive acknowledgements, comments or statements about Lighthouse that suggest a balanced opinion and some of these people commenting were involved with the company for many years and gave much praise and appreciation when they were here too. So how is it possible there is nothing genuinely positive or good about their ‘experience’ and everything negative to say? Where is the balance, the humility, the self honesty, the responsibility taking, the genuine (not feigned) empathy? How is there not a biassed and prejudiced agenda there? I think we have made our case but you are here to assess for yourself. In fact, here are examples of the kind of level we have received...

Why Do We Call The People Posting On Reddit Trolls?

The wider use of the term trolling and specifically in regards to online trolling varies, as Wikipedia states here. Psychologists who have studied trolling behaviour have stated that it stems from a certain pathology involving the ‘Dark Triad’ of character traits; narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism as well as Schadenfreude. The trolls of folklore not only hide under bridges, but they are afraid of the light because it turns them to stone, internet trolls hide under pseudonyms and are afraid of the truth and accountability that comes with that because it can kill the idea of who they want people to think they are.

There are various reasons based on the above that we call them trolls; starting with their consistent cynical attitude and destructive behaviour filtered through a completely one sided negative and even hateful narrative that continues to run. The fact they choose, with one rare exception, to act anonymously while seeming to take great pleasure in making very personal attacks and character assassinations. The fact that, in the name of ‘sharing their story’ they repeat the same accusations again and again without tangible evidence beyond hearsay and by omitting key facts and truths as well. Sharing “your story”, if that’s what someone is doing requires one post. It doesn’t require over a year of consistent harassment and defamation - that just reveals a malicious and destructive intent, confirmed by the fact each new post is part of a Modus Operandi of meticulously picking on and cynically attacking every single aspect of Lighthouse they can find. There is a total focus on the negative, and in that twisting everything that is very positive into a negative, there is no balance or evidence of self reflection at all! Any story has two sides and they make no effort to consider the other side or aspects to their bias and prejudice. And finally, the fact that any challenge to their narrative and thinking is reactively rebutted (sometimes very childishly) with either snide remarks or a complete U-Turn in subject to deflect the focus back onto Lighthouse without addressing any of the issues or points raised.

It’s with that in mind we are (again) putting a very simple and clear question to these individuals….

Trolls Of Reddit - What Exactly Is Your Desired Outcome Or Goal?

We invite those on Reddit to share and make clear just what your intents and purposes are and what exactly you hope to achieve through your vast catalogue of statements and comments.

There must be a purpose to your actions and so it would surely help anyone reading your posts that you want to take you seriously to know what your motives and intentions actually are, especially as there are so many claims of representing honour and truth among you.

In the meantime, here are our suggestions and our response to these based on what has been written about us so far…

1. “To destroy the reputation and opportunities of Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global, as a company and the livelihoods of the many people who have invested significant amounts of their time, money and effort into creating and developing the foundation we have built here.” (or similar to this effect)

Response: If this is the case, we invite you again to come out into the open and meet us in court where you can make your case and give Lighthouse fair opportunity to present our own case. Much of the evidence we have that would refute the claims made against us can only be shared legally in a court of law or with certain people’s consent. Unless that is something you fear because it will undo your stories?

Given you claim to have such good and healthy intentions behind your actions, it would surely be the honourable and honest way to prove this by graciously fighting this out in an objective and official manner. This will also really help to speed things up so you won’t have to spend so much time online writing all these things anymore. If you have a case for what you say, we challenge you to make it and to prove the malpractice you will need to prove as part of that.

If you don’t, we put it to you that not doing so is an outright admission of your false and unhealthy agenda based on selfish motives, greed and hate with the intent to cause malicious damage to other human beings and their livelihoods. That this is who you really are and the only people guilty of malpractice are yourselves and all positive motives you have expressed are false and deceitful.

2. “To liberate the hearts and minds of all Lighthouse Associate Partners you claim have been brainwashed and manipulated into subservience and financial ruin.” (or similar to this effect)

Response: If any Associate Partners wanted to leave the company, then surely they can and will. There is absolutely nothing at all preventing anyone from doing so. However you have been doing this for over a year now and everyone here at Lighthouse is very aware of your messages and at the same time are closer to each other and even more committed to this work than when you started.

As for claims from family members, ‘friends’ and even ex romantic partners of their “loved ones” working in Lighthouse being turned and manipulated against them, we have detailed and numerous records of communications and attempts by Lighthouse Associates to develop healthy ties and relationships with these people. Some have painstakingly written long heartfelt letters to family members inviting their response and discourse on crucial matters in their relationship which have been completely ignored. So where contact from Associates has been distanced with those in their private lives it has always been for good reason and has been down to their own independent free will. It has always been done regretfully and reluctantly, but necessarily in order to maintain for themselves a peaceful and healthy space away from constantly harassing, negative or toxic attitudes and behaviour.

The truth of the matter is no one who is negative, harassing and toxic believes they are those things, it's the last thing they will take responsibility for and the last thing they want to hear is that this might be the case, so of course they claim fervently to be quite the opposite. Where such individuals have been so used to treating another so negatively for so long they are often shocked to be called out on it. When those involved here have been bullied, mocked, derided, belittled and much much worse for years by those closest to them and they gradually start standing up for themselves and holding such behaviour accountable, it will naturally attract strong resistance, opposition and derision and of course, Lighthouse will be immediately blamed by them for ‘brainwashing’ someone who is finally starting to grow and develop their own healthy sense of self and courage. To external observers who know us personally though, it is clear that the people here are only getting healthier in their hearts and minds and building their spirits and becoming more independent in their thinking. The things controlling families or partners want least for their so-called loved one.

In line with this we have even had instances where police have been called out to visit two Associate Partners at their private homes by ‘concerned’ family members, only for the police to very quickly walk away confident there is absolutely no threat or harm being done to that person, in fact quite the opposite. In one instance the police very humbly apologised for their visit and said they were “embarrassed” to have been asked to call on them. What you will not hear from those making such claims about their ‘loved ones’ here at Lighthouse who keep contact to a minimum with them is where they themselves may be at fault, where they could have done things differently or where they genuinely want to make amends for their part in this.

Ironically if those estranged family members and personal contacts had a better attitude and went about things in a much healthier and upbuilding manner with their ‘loved ones’ here, things could and would be very different between them. The fact is there are various numerous cases and very strong evidence where Associate Partners have been able to forge and develop much stronger and far healthier relationships with their immediate and other family members, spouses, friends and even their own children. So much so they are thriving beyond anything they were before. They are examples I’m sure that will be written about more and more in time here - watch this space.

So we wait to hear from you ‘trolls’ of Reddit and if there is anyone with any genuine healthy questions about what is written here, please feel free to contact us using our contact page.

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Apr 18, 2022

Thanks Kris for writing such an accurate and balanced article on the matter. It’s so easy to hide in the shadows sniping especially when someone is bringing their projections from prior situations and in their heads they truly believe they are right - but when they aren’t open to questioning their beliefs- then they aren’t willing to be reasonable and we can see this time and time again with the trolls.


Olivia Humphries
Olivia Humphries
Apr 17, 2022

Thank you for writing this article Kris, especially writing to help those who may have come across posts and comments on Reddit making false, deceitful and libellous accusations about Lighthouse International, as well as character assassinating individuals involved with Lighthouse. I know myself that the state I was in as I started being mentored was a very nervous and easily influence one, and seeing such online vitriol would have scared me away. So I pray for those who are seeking help they do get the right help, and for those who may have been manipulated by the online trolling.

It’s really important as you state here in your article that people know that we expect to be persecuted by those…


Apr 15, 2022

It's not easy writing something like this Kris, thank you. For anyone looking at the nature and intention of the trolls on Reddit; or any trolls really. The toxic and unnatural way of breaking people down and companies down on an online platform in the name of truth and reason. The example that is being set here when it comes to looking at trolling and online hatred and the lessons being learned and taught to others is priceless. How many children will not have to suffer at the hands of trolls because of what Kris and all involved with Lighthouse are willing to look at?


Jai Singh
Jai Singh
Apr 15, 2022

Fantastic Kris this lays things out in a factual and balanced way and I note that we aren’t attacking the trolls as they are attacking us. I appreciate the explanation behind what’s happened and how people hide behind anonymous names writing whatever they want. That quote “if you repeat a lie enough it becomes the truth” is powerful! That’s happening all over the world! Thank you for



Apr 15, 2022

Thank you for this article - something I found really powerful was the focus you have made on the intention behind the activity online on platforms like Reddit. Looking at what is written is one thing, but understanding the context and intention behind this is very helpful. I hope that in sharing this work and experiences, it will offer help and support to others suffering from the impacts of anonymous online trolling, in particular children!


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