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Why Do The Trolls of Lighthouse International Group Not Provide Proof for Their Many Allegations?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Proof That The Pathology of a Troll Is Hateful & Lacks Reason

Why Do Trolls Troll Anonymously & Criminally?

Let’s get straight to the point in saying anyone who is trolling is doing so not because they have a genuine grievance. It's also not because they have any genuine, meaningful facts, substance or evidence that would give their claims and statements any credence or credibility. If there was then they would go about solving their issues or grievances in a very different manner, i.e. publicly, openly and maturely, with balance and wisdom.

Criminal trolls are, for the most part, anonymous. The main reason for this is, feeling protected by their anonymity, they believe they can write and say just about anything they like and they will justify it in the name of free speech. They will even go so far as to call themselves 'activists', thinking that, under the banner of their so-called 'cause', they are without reproach, accountability and consequence for their words and behaviour. What many trolls are doing however, whether they are aware of it or not, is now CRIMINAL.

Those who troll anonymously do so because, what they say online, they would not say openly in public if their true identity were attached and even less so if their employers' name were attached also, where every word is traceable to and accountable to a known individual. Their peers and their seniors would think very differently if that were the case and they know that, were their behaviour connected to their public identity, it could mean them also losing their employment, even before any legal consequences are incurred. Indeed they would shudder and shrink at the thought of such a thing, which is why, when challenged to make themselves known, they will try to deflect, lash out, or say nothing in return to avoid such accountability.

This is because their intent is not to understand, find agreement or come to a solution with the other party. Instead, it is purely to slander, to smear and to cause emotional and/or reputational harm to others in ways that inflates their own narcissistic and egotistical sense of grandiosity. Almost everything they state is subjective opinion, nothing more and their opinions are likely rooted in a very dark and unhealthy pathology.

It's because they have no means, i.e. facts and evidence to prosecute their so-called ‘cause’, point of view or grievance against an individual, collective or organisation lawfully, openly, fairly and gracefully, in the public domain that they instead turn to a strategy of persecution. And in that persecution they will focus on the object of their hate, malice and resentment; either an individual, a group, an organisation, a combination of these or all three.

The pathology of trolls is such that there's no care for the consequences of their actions. We have warned our trolls of the actions we'll be taking and offered to work out solutions. They have persisted and even goaded us whilst we have built a substantial case of evidence for legal prosecution.

The Trolls of Lighthouse - A Brief Summary

Like every public organisation, we have our fair share of critics, but during the course of 2021, a concerted and anonymous smear campaign was launched against Lighthouse Global by a very, very small contingent of our very own online trolls.

So to make it easier and transparent for everyone, this article will lay out a list of every unlawful allegation we have received as an organisation over the last 10 months, across all online platforms, which forms part of our investigation into these anonymous trolls. This will outline to everyone what utter nonsense they are writing through their online harassment, malicious falsehoods, pernicious white lies and half-truths, racial abuse, defamation, libel, dog piling and hate speech across various platforms.

Everything we've ever done here in Lighthouse Global has been recorded and transcribed. Everything we ever speak about, every meeting, everything we ever do is vetted and it’s all in here in our records to be presented in front of a court if necessary. Every client and every Associate Partner knows this and has valued that level of care and attention to detail immensely, until they decide their choices to invest and be involved here no longer suit them, usually because they have been negatively influenced from elsewhere.

At Lighthouse we choose and want everything to be recorded so we can learn from it and there is always full accountability. The criminal trolls we have accrued hate that these records exist because they know what is on these written and audio records, which come directly from them themselves, actually contradict every one of the below allegations they have made.

They have been asked repeatedly for their permission for us to publicly use the evidence we have that contradicts all their accusations. However, we are still waiting for a reply and confirmation as to whether this is why they have yet to take us to court, which to date we have heard nothing to that effect. We are all but certain why this is, it is because they know they have no evidence and that the evidence we have contradicts all of their falsehoods and manipulative distortions of truth to the point there is no case for them. However, we are still waiting for them to confirm this and in the meantime we have decided to offer them a challenge while even helping them with making a case against us...

Our Questions To The Trolls.. 77 Accusations (Below) & Counting, Yet Not One Shred of Evidence So Far.. How Come?

Dear Criminal Trolls hiding in the dark seedy shadows of the internet (aka Reddit), we have a few questions for you...

Firstly: what is your intention with everything you are writing and putting online that is clearly anti-Lighthouse? What exactly are your aims, your goals, your desired outcomes with this campaign of yours, if you have any at all? Are you trying to destroy our reputation? Are you trying to harm our business opportunities as much as possible? Are you trying to negatively influence people's opinions against us in line with your own? What exactly is it that you want to achieve? Please can you make this clear because there is very little clarity or cohesion between you all.

And secondly: when it comes to all of your claims, your statements and accusations, please can you tell us and make it clear where you have tangible and meaningful proof to back any of these up. This is very important because everything you have written to date without this evidence is nothing but hearsay. In fact, your whole formula is simply hearsay over opinion. What a bad combination!

We have studied your statements for months and there is no principle, there’s no fact, there’s no evidence, there’s no proof. And worse than this, when you are not lying and being false, you have twisted the truth or omitted key facts and context to suit your lies. In short, there is nothing here we can find that is substantial and credible to anything you write. Of course, we have made mistakes in the past and there are things we have learnt from and things we have made massive changes over so that we never have the type of pathology you are displaying within our organisation ever again, at any level. It's a given that we have not been perfect; as nobody and no organisation is, but we are certainly not guilty of the things you are accusing us of and we challenge you to prove it otherwise!

There will be another post soon detailing what we have learnt from the last year and how we have taken massive strides forward because of how our Head Mentor Paul S. Waugh has advised us to use this chaos and its attempt to destroy us and our work. We are using this experience to create some incredible opportunities instead, starting with Parents Against Trolls and Business Against Trolls. Something that has been widely applauded and welcomed by many; even attracting interest from mainstream media networks such as ITV.

Despite the lack of evidence, to the uninitiated eye and the oversensitive person reading this stuff, these accusations and falsehood can still affect them, as you will see in this post by Ella Watson. This means those who desperately need and are seeking help from us may be falsely led and influenced and end up not receiving that support purely because of the selfish, persecutory behaviour of a tiny minority of people intent on causing damage, which is why we are writing posts such as this one.

By all accounts and our long experience with them, these trolls have no care for the consequences of their actions. They have no care for how what they do might affect children connected to Lighthouse Global, our work and our projects, the livelihoods of all those involved here and how they are negatively impacting our projects for helping other children. They have continued, even though they’ve been warned repeatedly, in their criminal behaviour - some have even been gloating and goading Lighthouse Associates saying they don't believe we ever will hold anyone accountable legally on this. However, now the real consequences are starting to impact them on the back of letters that have been sent to their respective employers recently. Letters we warned would be sent but were given no choice but to follow through with and now, as was expected, we are being accused of being bad people because now their own families are being affected by the consequences they have brought on themselves. Consequences they have had ample opportunity to avoid as well.

These consequences are met with shock because of the pathology. A troll believes they are a law unto themselves. This kind of self-centred attitude and behaviour is known in psychological terms as being an 'old infant'. Just as when a toddler, through its own childish misadventure will fall off a piece of furniture, such as a sofa, only to then hit and blame the sofa for its injury and pain it received. When we talk about the pathology of trolls we are talking about emotional toddlers in the bodies of physical adults!

There Are Clear and Obvious Selfish Reasons Behind This

As an organisation, we have been going for nearly 18 years and prior to the last 10 months where a few very bitter ex-partners who did not get refunds they were very justifiably not entitled to, we have had no such prior attacks. Even after working with over 70,000 people in that time in some way or form... nothing! So these recent destructive trolling efforts only constitute a mere 0.01% of everyone we have ever worked with at Lighthouse! Wow.

The fact is there’s no proof, no evidence, no principle, no law, there’s zero wisdom, and there is certainly no love in what is being stated and claimed and, more importantly, HOW they are going about it! There is absolutely zero dedication to truth, in its absolute form. Instead, there is fabricated falsehood and where there is truth, it is half and twisted truths. These 'truths' conveniently lack essential facts and context along with pernicious white lies that cause deception and deceit with the surface appearance of authenticity. This is why we call for permission to release our evidence to provide the full truth and context.

Their campaign has been highly disorganised and all over the place so we decided to help things along and do their work for them in extracting and structuring their argument(s) in a concise and well-ordered, categorised list. This way we can see them beyond the anonymous online feeding frenzy and malevolent soup they are trying to stir up. For that reason, this article is a substantial piece.

However, if you really want to understand just how foundationless the accusations are and how vicious and personal they can become, fuelled by hate in the name of being an ‘activist’, then read on and you will see that the reality is they are more like mercenaries than activists. This is all part of the case against them which is building every day and this is all being documented and shared with our legal counsel.

Why No One Can Reason With Criminal Troll Pathology

Trying to reason with a troll is like trying to teach empathy and compassion to a hungry crocodile. The kind of pathology behind trolling has been well-studied and documented and trying to reason will only result in circular arguments that never end because of their completely unreasonable and narcissistic, toxic motives and intentions. A troll will literally feed off (psychologically speaking) any defence or rebuttal you may offer them. They will use these as fuel to continue their endless tirade of hate and one-tracked obsession to vent their hate on the subject of their vitriol.

The internet has been for a long time much like the Wild West with little regulation, or order… where anyone can just about write anything they want about anyone they wish without fear of meaningful reproach. However, that is starting to change in a big way as new laws and regulations have come into force to put those with the dark, negative and toxic pathology of trolls and trolling to rights through the full accountability of the law; like in the recent case of Louise Minchin. Let’s not forget that trolling is something that torments thousands of children and pushes others to commit or try to commit suicide every year. This is why we at Lighthouse launched Parents Against Trolls earlier this year which has already seen Paul S. Waugh being interviewed by ITV News to speak on the subject of online anonymity.

One catalytic reason for creating Parents Against Trolls was this tiny group of individuals who, for much of 2021, have been trolling and also 'dogpiling' together to write and post anti-Lighthouse International statements and material online, using websites like Reddit and a dedicated trolling website. This has been confirmed by Lighthouse Global legal representatives who are experts in the area of online libel, defamation and slander. Our trolls created the site themselves under the guise of being open and providing balanced ‘fact-finding’, but then presenting nothing of the sort (again confirmed by our legal counsel) with a one-sided, highly-biased perspective. They also paid the webhost extra to hide their identity.

Despite the very generous open and ongoing offer to these people to come and meet with our Head Mentor, Paul S. Waugh, at his family home, along with their solicitors if desired, to talk through and work out a solution to their issues, we have not had one response from these trolls in taking up his offer. Instead, they have taken to dark corners of the internet intent on spreading their baseless and malicious opinions about our work and those who work here in a blatant effort to harm our reputation and business.

Rather than react to this or retaliate to these online attacks, for months we have allowed them to go about their practice unchallenged. We knew full well they would only serve to incriminate themselves more and more by what they wrote, given we have nothing to hide and knew they have nothing to back up anything they claim, other than subjective bias and hearsay. 100% of their posts and statements have been carefully monitored to show nothing but purely subjective, factually twisted or utterly false opinion and conjecture. Where there is some truth in what they are saying, they have used that truth in a way that is only really a half-truth and is manipulative because it paints a distorted and misleading picture. Their statements are baseless and lack any reality-based substance or detail that could prove or bring any objective, let alone legal, legitimacy to anything they are saying. Most of what is written is deliberately derogatory with vitriolic intent and is punishable by law for libel and dogpiling.

If they had any such proof and such substance to back up their claims and opinions and a genuine desire to achieve some kind of conclusion to their apparent grievances, then we are sure we would have heard from their legal representatives, or even the police acting on their behalf by now. To this date, however, we have heard nothing in response to Paul’s invitation, only the continued egotistical raucous within their online subgroups.

Our Challenge To The Trolls Is: PROVE What They Are Saying!

Over the best part of 2021 and moving into 2022 we have been incredibly measured in our response at Lighthouse Global, patiently holding back from confronting or challenging any of these defamations and online slanderous statements at the advice of our legal counsel for some time. We have objectively observed, gathered evidence and allowed enough time and space for a weight of evidence to build that could be prosecuted legally, whilst sending several proper warnings to those we know to be involved.

Our call now to each and every one of these criminal trolls is to COME FORWARD AND PROVE WHAT THEY ARE SAYING. For every derogatory or critical statement they claim to be true, we demand that they back up everything they say, because there’s no proof here from them.

To those who have perhaps read or come across their posts or their website, we would encourage you to do a study of everything written there and ask yourself, where is the proof and where is the backup that gives any substance to such statements and such claims beyond hearsay and opinion? Hearsay and opinion; a terrible combination for any kind of credibility or legitimacy.

Anyone who wants to check these things for themselves will see there is no principle, there’s no fact, no evidence, no proof, there’s nothing substantial. Where is their wisdom? Where is their care and love behind what is being written there? They have no interest in the truth with any of it and so we challenge them to prove it, prove what they say and claim!!

We Have Even Made a Categorised List of Their Complaints For Them In Order To Make It Easier

Much of what has been written has been so disorganised and randomly done and is so incoherently presented that we have decided to help our trolls in trying to prove their statements and claims by structuring their arguments for them. They have done a terrible job in presenting a case against us!

So we have listed the charges being made against us for them, using our well-documented research into everything that’s been posted and we ask… where is the specific proof to each and every point?

These people are so disorganised with their comments and material that there's no way to form a strong and coherent case against anyone. It’s like porridge; all mixed and jumbled up, so we have structured and provided a concordance of this material for everyone to clearly see and refer to. At present it lacks righteousness, it lacks law, it lacks principle, it lacks accuracy, it lacks structure, it lacks order, it lacks effectiveness and again it’s a terrible job! If you're reading this, you guys aren’t just criminal trolls, you’re badly organised trolls, bad at what you do, so let us help you out.

At the bottom of this post we have listed the allegations that have been made against us (please let us know if there’s any missing because they are all being passed onto our legal counsel). There are vicious attacks on the character and reputation of us as individuals and an organisation. However, not one of them has been backed up!

In the world of Twitter fights, Snapchat feuds and Insta-wars we all know that anybody can write just about anything about anyone that is their opinion. We at Lighthouse Global are not such people though, although we could have taken the same approach if we were that way inclined. Do our trolls not think we could do exactly what they’re doing? What we mean is going online anonymously on a trite site like Reddit to write a whole lot of nonsense about them, passing it off as truth and fact without actually backing any of it up, or taking half-truths and manipulating them to make them seem the way we want them to seem.

It would have been very easy to take on a bunch of noms-de-plume and pseudonyms and anonymously write the worst possible things we could think of about them. If we had the sort of pathology to do that kind of thing with a mind to really harming and taking someone down through such methods, we could have been very imaginative in how we did that, because we must be honest, the imagination of our trolls is seriously lacking in all they’ve done. But we don’t need to and certainly nor would we even think to do things in such a way.

If you make a note of the specific usernames attached to the list of allegations below, you will note that this isn't a huge crowd of people we are talking about here. These are primarily just a handful, if that, who are the main protagonists. In fact, we are aware that two of the individuals who have trolled Lighthouse have in fact been either detained in prison or have been prosecuted and convicted themselves of trolling behaviour and online harassment, one of whom's victims included a 16-year-old girl and a disabled lady.

We Don’t Play Games and Can Back Everything Up

There's nothing here covert or anonymous about our company or its people. In fact, we are most likely the most transparent organisation in the world! Yet we get called otherwise by our online detractors. We are so well documented that we know that no lawyer would take this on without very clear and evident proof of a case against us because there is nothing from our side that can’t be backed up by us and our lawyers. Ironically we are more rigorous than most lawyers in our standards of documentation and accountability of our meetings. Try and get a lawyer to record your meeting with them, there's no chance. We insist we do and that you also take a recording for yourself. Every recording we have of clients and ex-partners has been shared with them so they have all the evidence too. We record it all so that we can get the most out of the learning experience and so that we can care for those that we work with in the very best way possible. Everyone on calls and in meetings with us knows when and why they are being recorded and they have approved of this all the way through the process.

We aren’t interested in undermining and skullduggery or otherwise deceptive or negatively-discerning games. We simply are who we are, as individuals and collectively we are trying our best and if we get it wrong, we are the kind of people to say sorry and seek to make amends. In fact, we really want to know when we get it wrong, because then we can improve and avoid the same mistakes in future. So if there is evidence here against us, we want to hear of it and use it to improve ourselves as individuals and our business, not hide away from it and try and sweep it under the rug. So please, please come and prove what you say.

List of Defamatory Statements Against The People & Projects of Lighthouse Global

Character Assassination of Named Individuals

Paul S. Waugh

  1. Paul S. Waugh is worse than a con-man as he leaves his victims mentally disturbed after extracting their money. (Reddit User: u/Educational-Lead-306)

  2. Giving to aid clean water projects is “solely to fuel Paul S. Waugh’s coercive scheme”. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  3. Paul S. Waugh as the CEO of Lighthouse International Group is the “coercive, manipulative head of the group… in it for the money” and draws ‘victims’ to the group with promises of a better life. (Reddit Users: u/Enough-Reflection-78, u/Relative-Detective38)

  4. Paul S. Waugh needs to be held accountable for the emotional bondage he has inflicted on innocent people. (Reddit Users: u/Broad_You_1385, u/Miserable-Ad-6126)

  5. It’s crazy how Paul S. Waugh has literally created this lie and brainwashed people to make him a Messiah. Paul has completely brainwashed our family member. (Reddit Users: u/anonymous_hare_1304, u/Broad_You_1385)

  6. Paul S. Waugh has groomed young people for 10 years or longer. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  7. I just think it’s impossible to be a big success in your field and there literally be no record of it online - not a scrap! My theory is that Paul Waugh has only ever done what he does now - ie run an organisation which holds him in a leadership position where he can give almost daily sermon-like talks to devotees. (Reddit User: u/JackHaeckel)

  8. He is on the verge of being a collapsed narcissist. (Reddit User: u/throwawayeducovictim)

  9. He should be under medical observation but that really is for someone else to sort out. He needs psychiatric evaluation. (Reddit User: u/throwawayeducovictim)

  10. You are told to trust him and not question. If you question this means there is an issue with yourself. (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

  11. When Paul Stephen Waugh speaks he can’t hear himself because if he did, he would be well off in humbling himself into silence. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

Senior Associate Partners

  1. Adam Wallis, Chris Nash, Warren Vaughan and Shaun Cooper have all “been groomed by their leader Paul S. Waugh to recruit by all means” including coercion in order for mentees to invest increasing amount of money. (Reddit Users: u/Enough-Reflection-78, u/strangerhome)

  2. Adam Walls has set up a fraud initiative (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

Associate Partners

  1. Kris Deichler (now Senior Associate Partner), Jatinder Singh, Tom Hasker, James Mills have “been groomed by the second in command to also recruit and invade their new recruits lives and minds” with deception and destructive mind control. (Reddit Users: u/Enough-Reflection-78, u/strangerhome)

  2. Racist comparison of Sukh and Jairaj Singh being an ‘Indian Variant’ of the Lighthouse 20 virus (Comparing them to COVID 19 which has killed over 5 million people globally!). The Indian Variant aggressively targets the victims’ bank account and property and can be fatal if not treated promptly. (Reddit User: u/Fightback63)

Associate Elects

  1. Ed Zapp, Gill Watson, Jeffrey Leigh-Jones, Jack Comer, Lee Frimston, Mel Francis, Olivia Humphries, Simon Perreira, Vivienne Juan, Victoria Bytel, Zach Jones are involved in running a scam. (Reddit User deleted)

Defamatory Statements Against The People of Lighthouse International Group As a Collective

  1. “These people stole money from me. Read all about the other people who have left Lighthouse International who have also been left in mountains of debt on Reddit. Stay away from these people!” (Richard Thomas, Senior Client Success Manager, Monetate)

  2. The people at Lighthouse are dangerous and coercive. (Quora User: Anonymous)

  3. Lighthouse International Group is a cult; compared with Nxivm and Scientology cults. (Reddit Users: u/Broad_You_1385, u/Enough-Reflection-78, u/AvoCuddle07, u/Fightback63, u/ItzDaBizz)

  4. Lighthouse is a high control group (Quora Users: Anonymous, Phyllis & Questioning Lighthouse site)

  5. A multi-layered high control group consist of a coercive control leader at the head of the group, a multitude of second in command who are deployed followers. Their task is to recruit new potential followers. Their leader will analyse if the new recruits are financially interesting for the group - if so, coercive group pressure will be put in place for the new recruits to « invest » into LIG. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  6. Lighthouse employs the “worst kind of coercive mind manipulation.” (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  7. Lighthouse will ‘harass’ people once they have their details and has regularly harassed people to make payments for mentoring sessions. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  8. Lighthouse is a “destructive group”. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  9. LIG is “immoral in the highest degree” and “destroying our planet from within” along with “all hope for the future”. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  10. People are “deceiving innocent people’ who in turn deceive others. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  11. People involved with Lighthouse have “ended up ruined with their minds tampered with in a very bad way”. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  12. Comparing Lighthouse to COVID-19; describing it as a virus (Lighthouse 20) that destroys the immune system of people who want to better themselves, gathering information about people’s past trauma and then draining them financially. (Reddit User: u/Fightback63)

  13. No one decides to join a destructive group (Lighthouse) of their own free spirit. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  14. People working at Lighthouse are locked into working here and “can’t escape without help”. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  15. Would reasonably expect Waugh’s senior mentoring team to have found evidence of accreditations or relevant qualifications, recognised safe-guarding affiliations, HR support, etc - just some sort of independent oversight to protect the safety of their members. (Reddit User: u/JackHaeckel)

  16. These mentors have a counselor like relationship but none of them are qualified. So many lives become damaged through it. Some even have intimate relationships which don't last because of how toxic things get. (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

  17. I've been researching them for some months now after my friend was brainwashed into giving up all her savings, taking out loans and then selling her flat. (Reddit User: u/Fightback63)

  18. They claim to be experts in business and life skills and will help you make millions when they end up sharing rooms in their 30's and 40's like a bunch of skint students. (Reddit User: u/Fightback63)

  19. Lighthouse Associates resort to constantly asking family for money. They will not stop until they have extracted all the money you and your family have. YOU have become their FINANCIAL ASSET to help them drain you and your families finances in the most efficient way! Blackmailing you and your family into financial contributions - is that REALLY what you want? (Reddit Users: u/Fightback63, u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  20. Lighthouse are bullies. (Reddit User: u/CreativeWrap919 - Ms Jo Holmes)

Defamatory Statements In Relation To The People Leaving Lighthouse

  1. Anyone leaving Lighthouse does not get answers to the question; where has my money gone? (Reddit User: u/CreativeWrap919 - Ms Jo Holmes)

  2. Individuals have suffered serious mental health issues as a result of their involvement, some as young as 19. That “one such person was publicly attacked verbally in one of the meetings and they broke down. This person left shortly after 6 months and later we hear they are suffering from anxiety. It's not because of how they were treated... It's because they left”. (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

  3. Some disappear totally! Social media account deleted, number deleted, whereabouts unknown! What has made these people disappear? No one knows... (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

  4. They're mad and literally gangstalk ex-members. (Reddit User: u/throwawayeducovictim)

Defamatory Statements Against The Culture of Lighthouse Global

  1. Mind control and social pressure is vicious at Lighthouse. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  2. Lighthouse uses meditation at frequent intervals which can create a trance like state in which your subconscious is vulnerable to suggestions and destructive thought manipulation - most importantly it turns off your ability of critical thinking! (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  3. After a while you truly become a robot. That spiritual gut feeling is wiped out. You are no longer recognisable. (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

  4. The recruited young associates full of energy and enthusiasm - are asked to “share” their life story which is recorded without consent and kept on file to be used as collateral (like NXIVM?! What next?). (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  5. Taking up all of the recruits free time with the aim to stop critical thinking - giving them so much work that they can never achieve the goals - constantly making the new recruit feel guilty, depriving them of sleep - they NEVER work hard enough. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  6. Isolation from family and friends - deceptive techniques to coerce recruits into more and more “mentoring” - a paid service of course! (completely contrary to what mentoring is meant to be) all on the way to eventually coerce them into this huge financial commitment and then ... once their bank accounts are empty … they will have to start recruiting – modern slavery! (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  7. People’s involvement at Lighthouse means personal and financial freedoms being removed. (Reddit User: u/CreativeWrap919 - Ms Jo Holmes, u/vardypartykodi)

  8. They worked around isolating myself from friends, family and hobbies that I had. I felt like a shell of my former self. (Reddit User: u/AvoCuddle07)

  9. Personal details shared with a Lighthouse Mentor will be kept on record to be used against you. Everything you say is recorded without consent and kept on file? To do what? The power of information keeps you hostage without you realizing ... emotional blackmail will not let you move on to construct a healthy future ... but wasn’t that why you were interested in this group in the first place. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  10. The mentor asks the mentee to write a journal without fail each day and send it to the mentor. If you miss a day you will be scolded. (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

  11. The mentor will tell you that you need to focus on yourself more. They become more "loving" which actually really means that they now have the freedom to say anything they wish to you. They scrutinise every aspect of your life and question it all. (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

  12. Lighthouse mentors may even bully you and explain it's all love. (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

  13. Some people crack. Some are treated like dirt. The bullying of some individuals Intensifies. (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

  14. Just a couple of hours sleep and all day it's full of intense work. Full time! (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

Defamatory Statements Against The Work of Lighthouse Global

  1. In general LIG preys on people who want to either make the world a better place, are in search of their calling or who would hope to receive huge returns on an investment which never materializes! (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  2. Lighthouse International Group (including Learning From Legends, Legends Network, Be the Change and Oracle the Global Respondency) is a pyramid scheme/cult/MLM/scam. (Reddit User: u/Equivalent-Rock7709)

  3. Lighthouse has drained many of their livelihoods and manipulated vulnerable people. (Reddit User: u/Equivalent-Rock7709)

  4. Lighthouse projects come and go..they don't really materialise. (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

  5. They have a website but no info (but lots of bluster) – they don't seem to do anything... Based on a self-help book from the 80s (?). (Reddit User: u/JackHaeckel)

  6. Lighthouse is a pyramid scheme to drain your bank accounts and even worse undue influence - indoctrination of the worst kind! (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  7. Lighthouse is built on a web of lies and uses loads of mind control techniques to recruit new members and clone them. (Reddit User: u/Relative-Detective38)

  8. No one outside of Lighthouse has benefited from mentoring by Lighthouse. (Quora User: anonymous)

  9. Lighthouse’s new recruits, brilliant minds, work for free - modern slavery with a glorified non existent reality. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  10. People are recruited in the most deceitful ways - mentoring, therapy, meditation, questions about the environment and they are all victims. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  11. Lighthouse International Group works on the basis of a malignant fusion of coercive persuasion, undue influence, MLM and the never ending chain of victims turning into predators! (Reddit Users: u/Enough-Reflection-78, u/strangerhome)

  12. Mentoring, networking is meant to be a two way relationship and not a service that you pay for. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  13. LIG (Lighthouse International Group) uses psychological coercion to receive a financial commitment. The person recruited is required to pay large sums of money without adequate paperwork or financial advice! (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  14. You are promised to become an associate and eventually a mentor yourself to help others find their ‘calling’. To get there you have to receive mentoring yourself which you pay for as well to “learn” how to mentor others - being cared for, being showered with praise (also called love-bombing) are intended to make you feel special. (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  15. You are taught how to deceive other people in turn who have to pay to fuel LIG - or better their leader! (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  16. Lighthouse apply techniques have the sole purpose to isolate you from everything that once mattered to you - particularly family - to be able to expose you to destructive and deceptive influence - practices that will portray a reality that unfortunately doesn’t exist - you never really get anywhere - everything you are striving for is ‘just out of reach’ but you are promised it will happen soon! (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  17. LIG preys on people who want to either make the world a better place, are in search of their calling or who would hope to receive huge returns on an investment which never materializes! (Reddit User: u/Enough-Reflection-78)

  18. Genuinely sad for anyone who thought they were getting involved with an accredited organisation with lots of success and happy customers behind it. There’s no evidence of that. They’d be better off leaving and living their lives! (Reddit User: u/JackHaeckel)

  19. The business program doesn't have much substance to it, just a lot of flowery sessions about your own personal growth. (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

Defamatory Statements Against The Work of Lighthouse Kidz

  1. Lighthouse Kidz is not a member of Social Enterprise UK and doesn’t really do anything. We haven’t yet found evidence of any community interest actions undertaken by Lighthouse Kidz. (Reddit User: u/JackHaeckel)

  2. What has happened to the money that was collected??? Don't ask. No one is refunded back the money. (Reddit User: u/anonymous_hare_1304)

Defamatory Statements In Relation To Financial Management of Lighthouse Global

  1. Presenting the balance sheet of Lighthouse International Group in a way that implies us of financial malpractice. (Quora User: Anonymous)

  2. The Lighthouse International Financial model is a 'Serpents' board game. (Reddit User: u/Relative-Detective38)

Please Give Us Permission to Release Our Evidence

We have all the proof here to counter every charge against us. We know the evidence, so we ask you to put your name down with us, put your real (not pseudonym) name down next to what you say and claim about Lighthouse Global and give us permission to declare our evidence online as well, because we have the proof to the contrary of all these statements. This is also evidence that came directly from the mouths and keyboards of those now writing against us.

We have the truth to the contrary of what is being written, yet we cannot by law reveal it, except by your permission. So, please put your name down here or give us a way to contact you. Sign a lawyer's letter for us so that, by law, we can present our evidence. We invite you into a contract on this so we can reveal everything we know and can prove to settle any and all conjecture on these matters. However, the fact we can’t release this by law is a convenient problem for those writing falsehoods about us. It's no wonder these people, at present, feel they are free to go online big mouthing about anything they want. But if any of that is true, please give us permission to share our information to prove what we know. You can bring the dates, the times around what is being claimed and we will cross-reference it with our evidence and release that as proof to the contrary. In reality though, we have the dates, we have the times, we have the recordings, we have the transcripts and you know it! You haven’t gone to your lawyers and haven’t gone to court because you know what we have here.

We are not getting involved in circular arguments with you, our critics and criminal trolls. Yes, what you are doing is CRIMINAL! You know what you have written above isn’t true, because if it was, you would be going down the correct legal channels, not anonymous trolling! Although the use of pseudonyms is intended to provide protection from prosecution, the reality is that we know who you are; some usernames and posts have even since been deleted. What you are displaying is clear troll pathology and we don’t get involved in that. It is nonsense! It’s nonsense at best, false, wicked and evil at worst.

Find out more about our discoveries into human potential from the last 18 years through our pioneering research on our social media channels.

920 views18 comments


Jan 04, 2022

I valued how you got right to the heart of why trolls keep anonymous while carrying out their criminal actions. There isn't any evidence for any of the claims they have made against Lighthouse International. Setting out all their defamatory claims in one place shows how incoherent their arguments are and that they lack any substance.

I have always valued the transparency at Lighthouse - the fact that everything is recorded and that I have always been encouraged to make my own recordings of calls and meetings. I have found it very helpful for my own learning to be able to go back over key points that have been discussed. I've never been in any other professional environment where I…

Jan 04, 2022
Replying to

"It would be awesome to have a follow up article that refutes all these defamatory claims by providing the evidence that we have at Lighthouse, but that is dependent on getting permission from the trolls which we are unlikely to receive. If they had a genuine grievance against Lighthouse then they would come forward, allow us to share our evidence and discuss with us in a spirit of openness."

Instead the trolls will use this exact point that Lighthouse cannot share certain information without their permission, to continue dog-piling. And for a while they were on a high because of this! It's interesting how anything well-meaning e.g. right to privacy or Lighthouse's genuine attempts to help them from the very…


Daniel Schmitz
Daniel Schmitz
Jan 04, 2022

Thanks for all the work to structure all these defamatory accusations. It really shows the pathology of trolls and how their real motivation is to destroy. They are hiding away using anonymous names and it is obvious that they are not interested in working through things and in being part of the solution. I had to think of all those kids who don’t have the right support and are victims of trolling.

This highlights the importance of our campaigns Parents against Trolling and Businesses against Trolling.


Wow. What a comprehensive record, thank you for sharing this in the public domain so openly....nothing to hide!!!!! Hiding behind anonymity for one reason only, to avoid accountability for breaking the law to the point of deleting posts at times. Trolls will be held accountable and that time is now.


Jan 04, 2022

Wow! I have just read through this in full and my goodness, thank you for the extensive work here to bring the mature, balanced and evidence based response to these incredible vicious and ridiculous accusations. Some of these accusations were so laughable, they left me speechless but the reality is, it isn’t funny. Unfounded lies and fairytales like this are driving young children to attempt or complete suicide because they do not know how to address wickedness and evil like this. I just thank God, we are bringing to articles like this to provide comprehensive examples of how to deal with toxic trolls who will stop at nothing to attempt to destroy others because of their own damage. The fact…


Jan 04, 2022

What does it say about someone who is so quick to point out the names of others - to break down, damage and destroy someones livelihood but won't reveal their names? It's true - no one can reason with the pathology of a troll and that under no uncertain terms it is criminal. I am grateful, as my mentor and many mentors here at Lighthouse, especially head mentor Paul Waugh have helped me see that just because I wish well for others, even those who have wronged me, does not mean the rest of the world are the same and this is a chance to step into the world. Even more reason to find people who actually care about family,…


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