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BREAKING NEWS: Lighthouse International Group Stands Up To The Tyrannical Bullies At The Daily Mail

Updated: Feb 7

First Published on 28th April 2022

This morning we received an email from Tom Kelly at the Daily Mail with his intention to write a second libellous article about us at Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global. Paul S. Waugh was literally about to sit down to record the next edition of the Waugh Rooms and decided that he would film a response not only for Tom Kelly, the Daily Mail and our trolls, but also for those who want to stand with us against bullying and tyranny.

Email from Tom Kelly, The Daily Mail...

Dear Mr Waugh,

We are doing a story about you illegally naming a victim of child abuse on social media without her consent.

As you know, publishing information which identifies a victim of a sexual offence without their express written consent is a criminal offence under the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 1992.

The story is also expected to include how you:

:: Described deeply private details of the woman's childhood abuse which she had revealed in confidential mentoring sessions at Lighthouse.

:: Called the woman’s behaviour ‘narcissistic’ and ‘toxic’.

:: Identified her current location, even after she had told how she had to move abroad to escape you and Lighthouse.

:: Posted unlawful videos containing this information on YouTube and on the Lighthouse website and these videos were widely shared by the group's senior members on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for 24 hours until belatedly being edited.

:: Your actions in doing this has been criticised as disgusting, horrendous and bullying.

If you have any comment on this please could you get back to me by 5pm today.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Tom Kelly

Paul Waugh's Response...

Mr Kelly,

I was ready to produce the current edition of the very (and increasingly growing) popular edition of The Waugh Rooms as your email came through so have produced a comprehensive response to your email and impending article on video which given the Daily Mails shocking reputation and questionable journalistic and publishing methods are significantly in the public interest.

I have attached below a video link as it is now already live to the public on YouTube.

Your (Daily Mail) awful reputation as a newspaper precedes you all, as this video precedes your article well in advance.

Paul Waugh

Watch and share with those who believe that those in the media who abuse their position and power must stop...

Please share your thoughts and your feelings as a comment on this video. You can also learn more about, follow and support our response to the Daily Mail through our dedicated site.

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