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Court Order Issued Against BBC Reporter Rani Singh To Stop Harassing Her Adult-Children

Ms Singh, a co-conspirator to the BBC's hit piece "A Very British Cult", was removed from the production when the BBC saw the extent of the evidence we hold about her ongoing abuse of her now adult-children

As a desperate last resort after decades of trying to support and reason with her, Rani Singh’s sons, Sukhraj and Jairaj Singh, applied earlier this year for a non-molestation order against her. A Court Order was subsequently issued to cease her harassment of her sons. None of us wanted it to come to this, least of all Sukh and Jai, but Ms Singh has absolutely refused to stop her narcissistic and obsessive attempts to coercively control and feed off her now adult-children. Such are the depths of her malignant narcissism and desire to possess her adult-children, that she is now in violation of this undertaking (more to follow on this in the David vs Goliath Showdown).

Ms Singh is one example of some of the most toxic parents of our Lighthouse clients, who have caused crippling levels of damage to their (now adult) children through their childhoods. However, the worst of it is that when those adult-children (like Jai and Sukh) then try and seek out the guidance, love and support they need to heal from the neglect and abuse they have suffered, the very parent/s who committed that neglect and abuse, in their evil, try to destroy the very opportunity their children have to heal. This does not happen just with us at Lighthouse Global, but wherever such an opportunity for true healing from malignantly toxic family members exists. This is well documented by psychologists who specialise in understanding toxic parents, such as Dr Susan Forward.

Ms Singh has been belligerent in her denial of her toxicity even though their family therapist, Ms Chloe Antonio, said to Ms Singh that her children ought to have been taken into care, such was the level of her neglect and abuse. Subsequently she has spiralled into a deep pit of denial in relation to her abuse of her own sons, Sukhraj and Jairaj. She has made it her mission to try to destroy Paul Waugh and Lighthouse Global, no matter how much she has to deceive others to do this.

Ousted from “A Very British Cult”

Despite working for the BBC on and off for over 3 decades, Rani Singh was, we have come to learn, ousted from her involvement in the smear campaign hit piece, “A Very British Cult”. This is following the fact that we sent the BBC evidence (in her own words) of her long-term abuse (including psycho-sexual) of her sons Sukhraj and Jairaj Singh.

As is tragically and consistently the case with her, Ms Singh has again left a trail of destruction in her wake. River Radio (where Ms Singh worked as a host and presenter) presented lies about Lighthouse Global, unchecked, by Ms Singh on her own show. Following this, River Radio was found in breach of Ofcom regulations and refused to comply with their obligations as a broadcaster and has subsequently come off the air, now shut down completely. We are currently working with Ofcom on over 120 malicious falsehoods in the BBC hit piece "A Very British Cult".

Even fellow co-conspirators, such as Jon Breen ( who tweets under the pseudonym educofirebird (see below), who have been supporters of Ms Singh (even paying for her lawyers in her failed defence) are starting to see the depths of her deception. Tragically, Mr Breen does not see his own.

Why did the BBC remove Ms Singh from their evidentially fallacious documentary, “A Very British Cult”? They know that the evidence that we sent to them of her abuse of her children is undeniable... even to them!

BBC protecting abusers and hiding their abuse

The BBC has a long history of protecting abusers and hiding their abuse, often sexual, and especially paedophilia. They have done this again through “A Very British Cult”.

1. They have ignored Rani Singh’s abuse of her children when they have the evidence of it.

2. The BBC have ignored the incest in the case of 'Erin'. Her abuser is not Paul Waugh, it is in fact her closest family members. This is a fact the BBC have provably distorted and tried to water down where, again, we have extensive levels of evidence to show this and we will be presenting that through our David vs Goliath Showdown.

3. Jeff Jones, who is the poster boy of the BBC docuMYTHry, came to Lighthouse when he was desperate for help. Jeff was bordering on alcoholism and was suicidal because of the damage that had been done to him by his broken family. Here it is in his own words.

It is evidence such as this which obliterates the BBC's lies and they know this very well. However, the BBC has thought they could get away with what they have done by censoring and preventing Lighthouse from using their voice to reach enough people to share it. They couldn’t be more wrong...

David vs Goliath.. the Showdown.. It’s Coming...


My relationship with Rani Singh

I have known Rani Singh for more than 14 years. Before she recently appeared in court, the last time I saw Ms Singh properly was almost 4 years ago now, when I sat down for Christmas dinner with her, Jai, Sukh and their dad Hari for Christmas dinner in 2019. This was the first time they had all been together in a room since Hari walked out on his children almost 30 years before that, when Jai was 7 and Sukh was 4. Despite the hatred between their parents, we worked for over 10 years to try and bring Jai and Sukh’s parents together so they could have a family and for them all to heal. Hari wept and Rani said she was so thankful for how we were being the fathers to them that her sons had never had. At Lighthouse we have always wanted families to heal where that is possible, but in some cases the level of abuse and reprobation in the parents is tragically extreme. Such is the case with Rani and Hari Singh.

We still pray for Rani, Hari and all of those devils who think that, if they could kill us, that would somehow abscond them of their guilt. We encouraged those, like Ms Singh, who were trying to destroy us to do their worst, which they have and yet, here we are! They thought that by making their lie bigger and spreading it further, as they have with the reach of the BBC, that it would mean they can get away with that. However, the extent of their deception just means the consequences will be even greater for everyone who is involved.

You be the judge, with all the evidence.. join us for the David vs Goliath Showdown

NB Sukhraj and Jairaj Singh have had no involvement in initiating or writing this piece.

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