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Lighthouse Global's Predatory Troll Assault & False Accusation Register

Updated: Mar 27

For over a year, Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global, has been assaulted, criticised and accused of wrongdoing by those with a hateful and destructive agenda. This post will provide an ongoing picture of the relentless assault that Lighthouse Global and its people have endured through false and unfounded accusations.

We have been falsely accused of trying to silence those who have been involved with Lighthouse Global. This is completely untrue and the evidence of that is we are publishing the accusations made against us on our very own website!

Post last updated: 24th June 2022

Content Warning: This article contains explicit language.


Since February 2021, we at Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global have been assaulted as well as falsely and baselessly accused online of immoral, unethical, unlawful, illegal and criminal activity. These assaults have been instigated by a tiny percentage of all the people we've worked with over the last 18 years; less than 0.01%!! They have been joined by malignantly toxic family members and friends of ourselves as well as people we've worked with. What those accusing us fail to recognise though is that the burden of proof lies on these accusers, not on Lighthouse Global.

Anybody can resentfully make accusations about anyone else but for these claims to be taken seriously and to avoid legal repercussions, there needs to not just be evidence of the alleged wrongdoing, but legitimate evidence, evidence that is proven and accurate and that can and will stand up in a court of law. This means that not only does the burden of proof lie on our accusers and assailants, but so too does the burden of responsibility for what’s been shared publicly and also how that has been shared as well. To accuse is one thing, but to do so maliciously, with a reckless disregard for the truth and to be deliberately destructive is something else entirely.

Therefore this post contains what will be an ongoing and constantly updated list of ALL accusations and assaults made against Lighthouse Global and its individual representatives; past and present.

Along with the accuser(s), we’re presenting the current status of each accusation in terms of the amount and quality of evidence/proof that’s been presented to back them up. In the same manner, we will also be listing and keeping a track of all the many personal assaults that have been and are being made against Associate Partners of Lighthouse Global as they develop.

For those who have already read this post, you can read the latest updates:

Context of The Assaults on Lighthouse Global

Upfront we will say that on Reddit and in the Daily Mail the word ‘investment’ has been completely misused with the intention to present Lighthouse Global in a bad light. Effectively there is a myth being presented that investments have been made into Lighthouse Global which have never been returned. This is completely untrue as we have no way of receiving investments into Lighthouse Global.

In reality any investment made by anyone has been an investment in themselves through a Lighthouse programme in a similar way to investing in a university degree. In this comparable example the investment is not in the university, but in the student through the university.

The following points put the below lists of assaults and false accusations into absolute context with all the evidence that is available within the confines of the law.

1. At Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global, there are 3 main reasons why people attack us through false accusations and/or blatant assaults on ourselves and our work.

a. There are controlling, malignantly toxic families, parents, siblings or partners who feel jealous and resentful that they can’t control their child or partner anymore.

b. Ex-business partners or clients who are bitter about refunds that, for clear and legitimate reasons they are not due and know they have no legal case for.

c. Those who have fallen in love and have unrequited affections for their mentor who have become nasty and bitter as a result of their feelings not being returned.

2. These 3 groups of people have actively sought out each other as well as anyone else with grievances against Lighthouse. False accusations were wrongfully and unlawfully made online on Reddit by these vengeful people in order to slander and defame Lighthouse and its people. This was to purposely inflict damage on our reputation in order to destroy our lives and our business as well as any opportunities present and future.

3. The above was then followed by a daily flood of slurs and cruel assaults on the people of Lighthouse; our characters, our mental health and wellbeing designed to cause as much pain suffering and debilitation as possible. They hurt and nearly destroyed many sensitive and honest people here. This continues daily despite increasing police intervention.

4. The Lighthouse assailants and character and well-being assassins then proactively roped in more people on the net, some of them criminal and extremely unstable and dangerous, to attack us, even letting them lead the charge. These people had no prior issue with Lighthouse, its people and had never met us.

5. The Lighthouse assailants hellbent on destroying us then went to the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror and other newspapers in order to report their false accusations. They did this to add credibility to their assault and smear campaign. The Daily Mail’s Tom Kelly then printed a sensationalised, biased and prejudiced story designed for advertising clickbait. Mr Kelly and team did no serious investigation or fact-checking which we have challenged the Daily Mail on publicly. They simply referred to the false accusations as “accusations” and then hung the responsibility for the contents of the article on the shoulders of a few willing named and unnamed sources.

  1. All of these Daily Mail sources were our assailants and Reddit predatory trolls who had to that point mercilessly assaulted our characters and mental health and wellbeing with the most vile assaults.

  2. To date the Mirror has not published anything to damage us or printed anything about us at all. The hell continues. We pray for it to end soon and for justice to be done.

  3. Many of the people recruited as predatory trolls and assailants by the disgruntled people (who did not receive refunds) are malignantly toxic and extremely controlling family members of Lighthouse Partners and clients. These family members have been of the worst kind of assailants in all of this, causing unimaginable pain, suffering and damage to their family members and others here at Lighthouse Global. They continue relentlessly.

It is both ridiculous to expect and impossible for Lighthouse Global to take responsibility and atone for any alleged unlawful/illegal activity if this cannot be genuinely proven or substantiated first. Atoning for what we’ve done wrong is at the heart of our philosophy at Lighthouse Global.

Given our research into understanding and developing human beings and human potential over the past 18 years we understand there will be three groups of people who read this article;

1. Those who believe the false accusations without evidence because it suits their current agenda.

2. Those who choose not to believe the false accusations because it suits their current agenda not to.

3. Those who are genuinely objective and who will weigh up the facts, the reasons and the evidence to base their opinion on a dedication to reality and truth, no matter how inconvenient to their current views or painful that might be to them personally.

Click this arrow to the left to learn more about the character of these 3 groups

On 3rd June 2022, Chairman Paul S. Waugh posted publicly on Twitter that he and Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global, invite any and all of our accusers to meet face to face, at a neutral venue and with neutral oversight, in order to hear their claims and accompanying evidence, along with any lawyers, police or anyone else they wish to bring to help back up their case in order to avoid having to meet up in court. Our intention is to avoid having to take this through a very expensive, time-consuming and stressful judicial process through the courts on both a criminal and libel level. To date we are still waiting for even one acceptance of this invitation.

The below is a register, a compilation of assaults and false allegations that continues daily on a relentless circular pattern designed to devastate us including our families and children.

We will be updating this list daily, or as often as new information comes to light, but given the consistency, persistency and sheer volume of anti-Lighthouse statements we estimate that there is far less than 1% here, compared to the volume of what’s actually been written. The 38 assaults and false accusations listed below is drop in the ocean compared to the thousands of false accusations made online that we are still categorising from our extensive documentation and evidence gathering.

Who Are Those Behind These Attacks On Lighthouse Global?

What we will also say is that responsibility for what's been written on Reddit also comes under the moderators of the relevant subreddit. This means that the following usernames are complicit for what's been written because through their inaction they condone and endorse what's been posted. We have included the names of employers where they have been informed and not taken action as these organisations are complicit in allowing this behaviour to continue.

  • u/Fagins_nemesis: Richard Thomas

  • u/rjhoward: Richard Howard, Premier Ventures Ltd and Managed Mail Service

  • u/starling157: Tamara Carew

  • u/happyhippo717: Adam Daughters

  • u/Own-Station2707 (Name to come, subject to police clearance)

  • u/CreativeWrap919: Joanne Holmes, Chipping Hill Primary School (now stepped down as a moderator)

NB: To stress and reiterate... all assaults and false accusations towards Lighthouse, online are in a closed dogpiling group with moderators who have the final say on what content is allowed.

We have also identified the following people who have contributed to the online assaults:

  • u/throwawayeducovictim, u/vardypartykodi & 100 Twitter accounts including @educofirebird: Jon Breen, Top Banana Websites Limited

  • u/Impossible-Change488 & u/SeasonNo1269: Dawn Ingram, Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity

  • u/Educational-Lead-306: Antonia Brider-Thomas

  • u/SkyFall-2022: Dr. Marina Carew

  • u/68Dubai20: Rosemary Willers

  • u/_Richter_Belmont_: Rehman Chaudri, Sony PlayStation

  • u/AvoCuddle07: Lauren Green

  • u/Broad-Ad-485: Karina Deichler

  • u/composingmusic: Lara Poe

  • u/wysiwygwysiwygwysi: Josh Forde

  • u/valued-empty-pull: Gareth Bourne

  • u/Oringi200: Daniella Miccoli

Assaults on Lighthouse Global, Its People & Families

We warn in advance of the offensive language used. Unfortunately those assaulting us are very bitter, hateful and resentful individuals. This is likely because as children growing up they did not receive the kindness, gentleness, love and compassion they needed to learn how to process their emotions in order to express themselves with honour, dignity and respect. We genuinely hope they will read this and be shocked into realising that hate never wins and accept our invitation to meet in person to reconcile and atone with us like healthy grown adults would choose to.

Assault & Quote

Evidence Provided


Nature of Offence

Panic Deleted

Paul Waugh and people at Lighthouse are no different to a rapist peadophile groomer

“You and your puppets are no different to a rapist paedophile groomer… WE ARE ON YOUR ASSES M'FUCKERS, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN PAULIE BOY, RUN BACK TO SA BRUUUUUU”


u/No-Awareness4746 (Identity to be revealed according to the law, 1 police report filed)

(& Subreddit moderators listed above)



Racist comparison of Sukhraj and Jairaj Singh being an ‘Indian Variant’ of COVID-19 (Comparing them to COVID 19 which has killed over 5 million people globally!).

"The predominant South African strain of the Lighthouse 20 Virus has mutated into an Indian Variant. This Delta variant orginated with the Singh brothers and has been rapidly spreading through the UK. The Indian Variant aggressively targets the victims bank account and property and can be fatal if not treated promptly. The Indian Variant spreads by convincing the victim that Doomsday is coming, so act now and hand over their money."