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My aim is to innovate ways to improve our world and human family through advancing our conscience and abilities in engineering & science. As designers, engineers and scientists we have a very responsible role in society to consciously provide an abundance of resources, like water, sanitation, transport and energy, to the global population without damage to the world we live in. With everything we do there needs to be an awareness of this responsibility and the conviction to ensure that what we discover, create and act upon today will create a better world for everyone to live in.

The solutions lie to our continued advancement and it will require bringing conscientious people together to develop and build community. It is through community that we can solve problems that humanity is facing now and this is the big motivation for building companies in these areas.

I joined Lighthouse International in order to learn how to lead people to build companies and bring a conscious purpose to the technologies we create. My role now is to find and bring together the right people who can help in achieving the aim above while achieving their own life ambitions.

My work helps people to get the opportunities they need to succeed in their own life, career and business. Whether that’s connecting them with the right people and organisations, helping them earn more or get the funding they need, it is crucial that we work with people who have the right self analytic attitude to make the most of these opportunities.

Working with conscientious people is crucial, since if someone has the wrong attitude then progress will be very slow and difficult. That is why I am working hard to help these people learn what attitude is needed to succeed well and to learn from those who have already.

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