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Malicious Myths Case 1: The Tragic Case of Jeffrey Leigh-Jones (Part 1)

Updated: Apr 17

Part 1

This video has been produced by Lighthouse Global Media in response to the upcoming BBC ‘documentary’, A Very British Cult and its associated radio and podcast programs.

Jeffrey is a tragic case of a young man who was desperate to try and overcome the neglect and abuse in his childhood but who eventually succumbed to the incessant bullying and pressure from his toxic family and in particular, his girlfriend Dawn Ingram. As a result he turned on those he knows supported and cared for him at Lighthouse for years before this, having to lie and create malicious myths in order to do so.

This first part of our docu-series contains a tiny portion of the substantial evidence we at Lighthouse have available to share, which categorically and unequivocally refutes and disproves these myths. We have held back from releasing this as long as we could to avoid such a situation out of care for Jeffrey, however, we must now stand for truth and to protect the reputation and health of the people here at Lighthouse. This is especially the case given two of our partners have attempted to take their own lives as a result of what Jeffrey is now a part of.

Jeffrey has put himself in an awful and very unenviable position because of his unwillingness to see reason and find a righteous resolution, which he has had well over a year to do. This information clearly disproves the claims he and the BBC have published and is information previously offered to the BBC but which they’ve ignored several times. In light of this we earnestly pray for Jeffrey and hope that he may now turn things around and speak the truth.

Our message to Jeffrey is that there is always a way to work through things like this, but that involves his repentance, atonement and desire to make things right, primarily through and with our Lord Jesus Christ.

To our brothers and sisters in Christ we ask you to join us in support of all those in the Body of Christ being persecuted and who are suffering malicious attacks through lies, deceit, slander, defamation and worse.

Lighthouse Global Media is spearheading a global groundswell campaign for all Christians who believe in the need for a global Christian voice and platform for truth to come forward and support us. God bless one and all and may our Father’s will be done.

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