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Get Real or Real Will get You: Paul S. Waugh Responds to Tabloid Trolls

Updated: Feb 8

The inaugural meeting of The Waugh Rooms calls out Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global’s online abusers and issues warning

Written by Vivienne Juan, Associate Elect Partner

After suffering a tirade of online trolling and abuse from a few ex-associates and their families under anonymous aliases for the better part of a year, the latest attack on Lighthouse Global has been an unashamed, libellous, all-out smear campaign over a two-page spread in the Daily Mail.

“Apparently everyone can write all this nonsense about us that isn’t even true, yet the truth, I can’t even say!”

In a sequence of YouTube videos covering a five hour meeting between Lighthouse chairman, Paul S. Waugh, and senior partners, Chris Nash, Warren Vaughan, Shaun Cooper, Adam Wallis, and Kris Deichler, The Waugh Rooms captures their first response.

“These families are responsible. They’re coming out as paragons of virtue but they’re responsible”

What follows is a line-by-line dissection of the poorly-researched and poorly-written Daily Mail hearsay article that levels serious allegations at the company, and specifically, at our head mentor. The blow-by-blow commentary is a fascinating and eye-opening response that really helped me, personally, to see the many ways I can be, and have indeed been, manipulated by what is, now in hindsight, so very obviously biased and prejudiced so-called journalism.

Standing for Truth

This one-minute YouTube Shorts video shows an excerpt from The Waugh Rooms that encapsulates the situation at hand as we are experiencing it, both as a company and as a community, right now.

“Reality is going to happen.”

With our children now directly affected by the antics of these cold, calculated, and conniving characters, we are drawing a line. Our hands were previously bound by confidentiality, however they are now freed, due to the revelation of names of trolls and details shared — albeit one-sidedly — in the public arena, and we will stop at nothing to defend our business as well as protect our families, engaging both the court of public opinion and the court of law. The truth will prevail, and those who seek to destroy will be undone.

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To watch the full first meeting of the Waugh Rooms, check out our YouTube playlist below.

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