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Malicious Myths Case 1: The Tragic Case of Jeffrey Leigh-Jones (Part 2)

Updated: Apr 17

Malicious Myth: Lighthouse breaks up families and controls people

In this video, we address the malicious myth that Lighthouse breaks up families and controls people. The truth is that, at Lighthouse, we help people achieve their goals in life and they often come and talk to us about family issues from their past or present. As a result, we help people as much as we can and where we can't help, we refer them to professionals.

Jeffrey Leigh-Jones, the ex-associate who is now smearing Lighthouse through the BBC (view part 1 here), once wrote a letter to his father describing his challenges at home and his battle with suicide. It is read here by his former mentor and Lighthouse Global Associate Partner, Jai Singh. It is an example of the heartbreaking issues people experience with family but struggle to talk about.

Jeffrey’s case is a tragic one, of a young man who wanted to build his life and heal from his upbringing but was coerced and controlled by those supposedly closest to him. It was incessant pressure and bullying from his family and in particular, his girlfriend, Dawn Ingram (director at the RNRMC) that Jeffrey eventually succumbed to. Their sabotaging influence caused him to turn on those he knows deep down supported and cared for him at Lighthouse for years.

The grip some families hold over those they’ve made so dependent on them their whole lives can often prove too strong to break, no matter how toxic & damaging. We at Lighthouse Global are revealing these letters as an absolute last resort and after much deliberation. They reveal more of the truth behind Jeffrey’s malicious myths now causing intolerable damage to Lighthouse’s people which must be exposed.

Many more could suffer from similar smear campaigns too, if they’re not confronted and held firmly to account, making it very much in the public interest to do so.

We continue to pray for you Jeffrey and all those involved in this malicious campaign. We also stand firm for the truth against toxic abusive and coercively controlling families and individuals where we must.

To our brothers and sisters in Christ we ask you to join us in support of all those in the Body of Christ being persecuted and who are also suffering malicious attacks through lies, deceit, slander, defamation, and worse. Lighthouse Global Media is spearheading a global groundswell campaign for all Christians who believe in the need for a global Christian voice and platform for the truth, to come forward and support us.

God bless one and all and God speed His Kingdom.

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