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Dear Paul, Thank You For Setting Up Parents Against Trolls & Trolling...

Updated: Mar 15

Why I Wanted To Personally Thank Paul S. Waugh For Setting Up Parents Against Trolls

I'm writing this because I understand and appreciate the courage it takes to face both the internal and external struggles that come with healing from a lifetime of narcissistic abuse and I know, from my own experience, that being able to see others transform into healthy ways of living and being is something incredibly powerful, because it gives us hope. It allows us to see that, even through the years of suffering at the hand of our abusers, we have the strength to make a choice to stand up for ourselves and achieve a life that is balanced and joyful.

Having an organisation come out and say NO MORE to toxic narcissism is a HUGE deal, I've not seen that anywhere before and for Lighthouse Global to be there at the front leading this gives me great hope for future generations. For me, knowing that I have the support of Lighthouse and my mentor to make positive progress in my life, my relationships and my business has helped me not just help my clients as a coach and mentor, but it's opened up my eyes to the massive progress and advancements that a human being is capable of... Just with a little love, guidance, support, empathy and understanding.

After seeing my life and the lives of my clients change in such positive, up building and progressive ways I embrace my new role as a champion of change against toxic narcissism and narcissistic abuse.

My Message to Paul

Dear Paul,

Thank you Paul for setting up Parents Against Trolls & Trolling. As someone who has been a victim of trolling during my childhood, growing up and in adulthood I am only now, in my 40s learning why I have felt so stupid, worthless and useless as the echoes of abuse resound in my head, confirming and affirming that I am nothing.

You picked up a cricket bat, I picked up a hard yellow and pink plastic pencil case (space case) and repeatedly hit a boy with it because everyone at school called me ugly names, teased, bullied and made fun of me and the teachers did nothing, I'd watch them grab their mug of tea and turn their heads, my mum would come and talk to the headmaster, he would say something to the teachers and the kids would get meaner, they'd do things more sneakily so the teachers wouldn't see. At the age of 10 I tried to take my own life for the first time. The scars and feelings of worthlessness continued throughout my life, my narcissistic surroundings thankfully did not make me hard.

I developed a relationship with God, we spoke - A LOT. I knew I had a greater purpose and I kept searching. Now I am working at healing and nurturing myself and becoming the person of value I know myself to be while being a parent to myself.

I write this to you because without you there would be no Lighthouse, without Lighthouse I would not have met Kris and the people I have met at Lighthouse and without that light, love, discipline, structure, hope, faith and nurturing I know where I would have ended up - in front of a train at rush hour because I just couldn't do it on my own anymore. I am grateful for you and all that you've built and I know in my heart of hearts that this programme and awareness will not just save lives, it will build lives and in any way I can I want to help. With deep love and gratitude, Ava 🙏🏼❤️

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