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Toxic Narcissism :  The Biggest Obstacle to Optimising Life

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Lighthouse Global’s Paul S. Waugh tells us why toxic narcissism is the biggest obstacle to conscientious people building their lives, careers, and businesses

Written by Vivienne Juan, Associate Elect

What we have discovered from our 18 years of working with 70,000 people is that it is the ones we don’t suspect, the ones we love the most and expect to love us the most, that do us the most harm. This has been one of the most inconvenient and painful truths that we've discovered through our pioneering research into human potential; from leading psychologists and our own personal experiences.

“Most people think that’s normal — you live your life through your child — when it isn’t! It’s seriously unhealthy to live your life through your child, and put your life’s pressures (where you didn’t succeed), through your child to succeed.”

Watch the video below to hear from our Head Mentor, Paul S. Waugh, on his experience with helping people handle toxic narcissism, and what it takes to really begin to heal from the narcissistic damage we have suffered.

Do you feel you may have been the victim of narcissistic feeding?

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