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John P. - My Mentorship Experience With Lighthouse Global

Updated: Mar 15

By John P. - Dad, Senior Executive, Lighthouse Mentoree

Hey, who’s up for blogging folks?

I've asked the Lighthouse team to post this on their various platforms so that it has the greatest chance of reaching all of those in the Lighthouse community that they're connected to so that we can connect and learn from each other on here.

I have been wanting to blog about my experiences at Lighthouse Global as a client and mentee for over 12 and a bit years. I feel that this project is long overdue. I've referred many people to Lighthouse who desperately needed help over the years; both in the States and London. I have a lot of close friendships with many of the wonderful colleagues and friends that I have personally referred... however not much from people I have not introduced.

I've often been more inspired by the experiences of other Lighthouse clients/mentees than Lighthouse mentors themselves and that is saying something. In my case, my experience at Lighthouse has been nothing short of lifesaving!! Literally!! I was suicidal when I met my Lighthouse Mentor! I had a maliciously narcissistic boss that nearly killed me off back then. I will share this experience in detail in future blog posts.

I'd love to share my learnings and experiences that I believe will not only provide others with encouragement in return for theirs but a cathartic one for me too.

I would love to see my fellow Lighthouses blogging as well. The Lighthouse community is substantial. I would love to learn more about the growth and development experience of others! I’m sure others would too.

With the help of a senior partner of Lighthouse Global, I have started a very successful in-house company mentoring and counselling program. Since the onset of social media, depression has gone through the roof. Suicide is on the rise, especially in younger people.

When I retire from my long and mostly rewarding career (now on the board) of a large global company, I will become a partner with Lighthouse Global as a mentor and coach on the corporate side of things; starting with the company I am with now... I can’t wait!! I believe that through blogging I will meet more people in order to hit the ground running when I do...

So here is my first post. I hope to encourage others to do the same! I ask one thing if you do. Keep it real, honest and balanced. I promise I will agonise to get this balance right. There is no way all experiences with any one company, organisation or person are perfect. There are always problems.

Let’s hear about the problems, the hard stuff and challenges too. There is no way things can just be bad or just be good. That's not life. It just smacks of bias and/or prejudice both ways. Anyone with any professionalism, maturity and common sense will see right through that!

You will notice that (after much thought) I have remained anonymous for the purposes of blogging. This is to protect my family from the vicious trolls that seem to get significance in breaking people down for their views, colour, gender, affiliations or just about anything.

My daughter when younger was plagued with online bullies while at school which caused her much emotional and mental anguish. I advise you to look after your own families' safety too.

I look forward to your comments and feedback on here and hopefully inspire you to blog too...

Here’s to my fellow Lighthouses and Red Sox fans 🤩 ... oh and Arsenal fans. (Tony Adams helped me loads through my crises with his account of his dark days. Supported the gunners ever since!)

Finally a tribute to Dr. Covey who I and several of my colleagues had the honour to meet and work with after being introduced to him by the Lighthouse senior team. It’s his inspiration where Lighthouse got its name after all.

"Be a Light, not a Judge." - Stephen R. Covey.

John P.

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