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Our 18-Year Pilgrimage from Lighthouse International Group to Lighthouse Global in Christ

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Chris Nash, Lighthouse Global Co-CEO

When I first met my brother in Christ, Paul S. Waugh, 18 years ago I was fascinated by the idea of an epic pioneering life and business odyssey, but I was hoping for one that involves no true suffering and sacrifice and that is no pilgrimage at all! I was one of those with an infantile rose-tinted glasses vision of a triumphant outcome without going through the valley of death. Phew.. so much has changed!

The research phase of our work which we thought would take us a couple of years at most has taken us the better part of two decades. It has been exhausting and in many ways, it has taken us all to the brink of what we believed we could handle…

Our lives and work were completely revolutionised as, one by one, members of the greater Lighthouse Global Family embraced Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour and from that point onwards we were viciously attacked by predatory troll demons. A few who claimed to be family turned on us because they wanted to try and coerce us into giving them undue refunds or they were trying to stop their children (who we were supporting) from revealing how they abused them. We are finally able to share the reality of this through the court case that started this week. We are stronger and closer to our Lord through this persecution. God Speed God’s Kingdom.

1. For 18 years we have operated as a small pioneering research community where our priority has been learning, researching, reality/concept/product and service testing into how to optimise our God-given human potential in life and business that ultimately led us to Christ. Not quite Moses and the Israelites in the desert for 40 years but it has often felt like it!!

2. We have invested millions of pounds and millions of hours between us and have come nowhere close to covering our costs at any point and have never officially launched our work as a viable business. It has been exhausting as we have worked 16-18 hour days, often 7 days a week, and have slept on floors like any true blue, blood, sweat, and tears pioneer. It has been really tough but we have supported each other as a family all the way through.

3. Most of those we support have come from extremely toxic families, a handful of which turned on us viciously in a smear campaign starting in February 2021, most of this was centred around them not receiving undue refunds and certain toxic families trying to character assassinate us in order to stop them being revealed for abusing their children.

4. We never took investment directly into product/service offerings or systemic business development, we took money into research while offering a service. We combined service and research rather than plugging it directly into research exclusively which is common practice with R&D. We were able to put quality of research and results before a premature panic launch.

5. At every level of support that we offer as part of this research from being mentored to immersive leadership development programs, we ask every participant to contribute what they can towards covering our costs. Associate Partners, and especially Paul S. Waugh, have covered the bulk of the cost of this training and development where individuals themselves can’t afford it. We have never turned someone away because they can’t pay even when we have been struggling ourselves!

6. With the permission of all involved we have extensive audio and written records of our pioneering work with over 70,000 people. Over the 18 years of research, we have hundreds of thousands of pages of transcribed sessions based on in excess of one hundred thousand hours of recorded research.

7. We have finally forced our constructive saboteurs behind the smear campaign into court. All of the complainants are aware that we have everything recorded and they will now need to answer to the court as we present the evidence (in their own words) that completely debunks the malicious falsehoods in their smear campaign.

8. We are now set up in multiple countries as Lighthouse Global and we stopped operating through Lighthouse International Group (UK) in 2022. The real work of working with our Christian brothers and sisters globally has just begun. God bless all. x

We have learnt firsthand that when standing for Christ, we can expect to be persecuted and slandered by others. We would never have survived the last two years of attacks both without our growing faith in Christ and without our surrogate family that we’ve forged over the last 18 years. Fragmented and alone we are vulnerable to trials and tribulations, so we need others who we can stand with.

For this reason, we have set up the Christians Facing Persecution community on Twitter. This is a place where we can come together as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to support each other. Alternatively, you can email me directly: chris(dot)nash@lighthouseglobal(dot)family.

Follow me on Twitter here and my mentor Paul Waugh here.

We are stronger together upon the rock of Christ!

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