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Lighthouse Global Responds to Smear Campaign by Ex-Partners and Daily Mail Article

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

To those that hate and are trying to destroy Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global, our partners, our clients and our families, this one is for you..

Firstly.. we can’t stop laughing at parts of the Daily Mail article..

I mean the very first word of the title.. TRENDY!! This right from the beginning proves yet again that you have no idea who we are and the people who wrote the article don’t know us.. and it only goes downhill from there.

We are probably amongst the least trendy people you will ever meet! I’d go so far as to say that one of the major reason we have this massive resistance is because we are not following the trends! So wrong again.. but very very funny.. We will be launching Trendy Life Coaching soon.. watch this space!

That said now to deal with some very important matters which you seem delusionally oblivious to or just so biased and prejudiced that you don’t want to see it. Either way.. here it is!

Welcome to the Public Domain

Anyone who chooses to take private matters into the public domain needs to realise that:

  1. This is not a one-way street.

  2. You are now in the public domain too.

  3. You cannot have it all one way... your way.

The only way you can try and do that is anonymously, as you have been doing on Reddit. This is where you have gone about sharing other people's private information without being held accountable to what the actual reality is and without having your own privacy revealed because of the anonymity.

An example of this is Joanne Holmes revealing the location of Paul S. Waugh's children's school. This is being done by a teacher of all people! The only reason she thought she could do this is because she believed she was hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. If she really believes that everything she is doing is so virtuous, then surely there is absolutely no need for anonymity? Would she want to be anonymous for winning a 'Teacher of the Year' award for instance?!?

Everyone at Lighthouse Global is operating under their own names. We are accountable to everything we say and you are too, no matter how much you hide, especially now that you have taken what could have remained a very private matter into the public domain.

How did we get here?

As a reminder for all ex-partners, clients and malignantly toxic family members of people involved at Lighthouse Global who are now part of this public discussion:

  1. This all started because you are trying to destroy Lighthouse Global, its people and our families because of one or more of the following reasons:

    1. you have a family member or friend benefiting from our work which means they are no longer being controlled by you.

    2. you did not get a refund that you were not due.

    3. you fell in love with your mentor and when those advances weren’t reciprocated you became nasty and bitter.

  2. You were offered to keep this matter very private by sitting down and working through these problems together as mature adults, and if that is not possible for you for whatever reason then...

  3. You were strongly encouraged to go down the formal civil and criminal route if you really believed that you had a case, but you have chosen not to and so here we are...

  4. Desperationville!! You are trying to trash us in the tabloids... classy…

At Lighthouse Global, we take our client's confidentiality extraordinarily seriously, way more than some of our ex-partners and clients take ours. Even after all of the infantile and malicious trolling we have received over the last year online, we have only now finally had to come into the public domain with this all with very long teeth and much pain and suffering.

You have brought warped half-truths and perverted falsehoods into the public domain at our expense so we have had to respond to correct this!

I strongly encourage you to try to develop some reasoning here, because you really have used up all your get-out-of-jail-free cards on this one.

You cannot say whatever you want and just because you were once a client and/or partner at Lighthouse Global then everything you have said and done at Lighthouse Global is covered by client confidentiality.

If you bring a subject into the public domain relating to your involvement here at Lighthouse Global and what you have shared is in any way not only not accurate, but it is inaccurate because it is intended to cause significant damage to Lighthouse Global and its people, then in the public interest, and our interest, we will put that to rights!

As soon as you open up that door and you misrepresent the facts and bring it into the public domain then you are going to have to bear the consequences of that. We don't like to use this term, but... it is fair game! This is what the press use, this is what the lawyers use... and for good reason.

For example, Richard Thomas shared personal text messages sent to him by Shaun Cooper in the Daily Mail article. It is illegal to take private messages and put them in the public domain, unless it is in the public interest. So, if the interests of the public are so very important to Mr Thomas and if he is indeed the man of such integrity and moral fibre that he purports to be, then I am sure that he will appreciate us fulfilling his intention to look at the interests of the public by sharing the true context for those messages as well as his messages.

I am not sure if you ran out of space Mr Thomas, but you do seem to have left out an awful lot of what actually happened. You really ought to have given the Daily Mail a lot more of the truth so that they didn't have to keep repeating the same stories to try and fill the space.

Many of those that we work with at Lighthouse Global want to use their traumatic experiences to help others and therefore often share what they are working through with others and not just their mentor/coach. Therefore the responsibility of what the client has shared confidentially is no longer held solely by Lighthouse Global or its individual mentors/coaches.

So while Lighthouse Global is deeply committed to honouring their client's confidentiality, once personal information has been voluntarily released by the client beyond the confidentiality of the mentoring/coaching relationship, it cannot be considered to be confidential information held solely by Lighthouse Global and that particular client's mentor/coach anymore.

Finally in the interests of transparency, reality and of truth we are inviting anyone with questions for Paul S. Waugh or any of us on the Lighthouse team to join us in the Waugh Rooms. We realise this may be intimidating for some, especially those who hide behind pseudonyms. So therefore our offer includes doing that online or over the phone. Please contact me by email or alternatively your contact at Lighthouse Global if you would like to take up this invitation.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from those who have a genuine interest in using this whole situation to learn, to grow and find the best solutions for all.

Join us in the Waugh Rooms where Paul S. Waugh and our senior team respond very powerfully, openly, genuinely and candidly to the attacks and unfounded accusations. You can also keep updated with our response to the Daily Mail through our dedicated site.

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