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Paul S. Waugh Invites Family, Supporters & Critics of Lighthouse Global Associates To His Home

Updated: Mar 15

The opportunity for anyone who genuinely cares about the people involved at Lighthouse Global to meet us in person in line with doing what’s best for everyone involved, especially our children. Paul S. Waugh has extended this invitation to all family members, friends, supporters & critics of Lighthouse Global Associates.

In 2021 at Lighthouse Global we have seen a tiny number of people going online to make unfounded and illegal defamatory (and often very derogatory and personal) anonymous comments about Paul S. Waugh, our Associates and our work.

It’s in light of this situation that Lighthouse Head Mentor, Paul S. Waugh has made the decision to invite ALL family members and ALL critics of Lighthouse Global and its Associates to his own family home for a joint Christmas and New Year event. He has decided that finding a solution in line with living the Child Standard (more details below) is more important than the privacy of him and his family for which we are incredibly grateful. How many of us would genuinely do this? This is the starting point of a bigger conversation that needs to be had in relation to what families can be doing to give children the wisdom, love, care and knowledge that’s needed to thrive in all areas of life. Starting with Clean Water!

At Lighthouse Global we know that to solve any problem, people and relationships must come first. So, in particular, we want to meet with and learn from those who are criticising us online, offline, directly or behind our backs. If they have better ideas and solutions for resolving the issues affecting millions of children and improving our ability as an organisation to help bring such solutions about, then we absolutely have to learn from these! We are open to learning and we expect that our critics will be open to learning from our 18 years of pioneering discovery in this area too!

What does it say about those who accept this invitation to Paul S. Waugh's home and those who don’t?

What is very important to note here is that throughout the last 18 years Paul S. Waugh has always offered for any Lighthouse Associates or any of their family members to come and see him at his home if they have anything to discuss. In 18 years this has only ever been taken up by two parents and both of them were so encouraged by what they discovered that they invested in themselves to become partners themselves! So if you have seen anything derogatory or concerning about us online what is important to know is that every one of this handful of ex-Associate Elects and their families who bear a grudge towards us has had an ongoing opportunity to meet with Paul at his home. Not only did they turn this offer down, but instead decided that, because they were demanding a refund they were absolutely not due and they didn’t have a case for, that they would try and destroy our work. They have wanted to win at the expense of us.. and all those we support and will support. This position shows the underlying selfishness of their pathology.

However, instead of destroying us they are making us stronger and we look forward to working with those of them that have enough courage to come into the light and out of the dark recesses of the internet. Very sadly based on studies of this sort of pathology it is highly unlikely that they will want to take responsibility after trying to cause so much damage. However, we will wholeheartedly embrace any genuinely contrite changes in them.

We have all personally invited family members and any critics we are aware of and the response so far has been fascinating. We already have family members who have greatly appreciated the generosity of Paul S. Waugh’s offer to open up his own home and there are those who haven’t replied at all. If there's genuine care and support for those involved at Lighthouse, at the very least, then why would anyone turn down this offer? The opportunity to connect, learn and share in relation to what matters most in the lives of those we care most about whilst ensuring that ALL children get the best possible upbringing. We can’t solve these issues by ourselves and, if we are to consider ourselves as mature and responsible adults, we surely need to be collaborating, not competing?

On the other hand, we have to simultaneously ask what does it say about someone’s pathology who’s not willing to extend themselves to meet and work to overcome our differences in order to work towards the best solutions for us, themselves and children? What does it say when they won’t meet, but are willing to spread malicious falsehoods online to try and destroy us? Is their criticism of Lighthouse Global more important than a desire for the best outcome for all involved? If so, then perhaps it’s more about them being right than any genuine care for and desire to be involved in helping others? Are they ashamed by their criticism when it’s discussed openly in front of others? Do they lack the courage to genuinely challenge and also be challenged?

If anyone is aggressively committed to anonymous online trolling, but turns down the opportunity to meet in person in the spirit of peace then what does that say about their pathology? What is their true motive? It’s not good and we really hope that they see the self-decimating consequences of their current approach. For us, this is an opportunity to hold ourselves accountable to improving, and becoming better people. That may mean that we need to apologise where we got it wrong, and quite possibly where we might not have even realised we got it wrong!

At Lighthouse Global we’re certainly not hiding behind online anonymity and pseudonyms. We are very open and encouraging people to meet in person and resolve any issues at hand to move forward together in a better and higher way for all, because we want to learn and improve rather than hide and defend a negative fixed position which is the typical pathology that ignores such opportunities!

The Child Standard that we hold ourselves to at Lighthouse Global

Our work at Lighthouse is, and always has been, about pursuing the highest ideal for everything we do in our lives, our families, our relationships, our careers and/or businesses and everything it takes to put the needs of ALL children first; something we call ‘The Child Standard’. This is a standard that says we ought never, ever be in a situation where we have to deny a vulnerable or a fragile child their basic fundamental needs… ever! This applies both inside and outside of our front doors and anything less than this would NOT be seeking the highest ideal possible. As individuals and as an organisation, it’s the standard we choose to measure all our decisions and choices by and which we are pursuing, at all times, as much as is humanly possible. Imagine if even just 1 in 10 people globally adopted this as their primary standard for their lives… what would that mean for our children?

The Child Standard means an incredible amount to us at Lighthouse. It’s something the core Associate team have personally invested an incredible amount of time, money and effort into over the last 18 years to build the foundation upon which to expand Lighthouse Global and its projects on a global scale. Any attack on Lighthouse as an organisation is primarily an attack on us as good-hearted people and what we stand for; regardless of who it is from and in what form.

When someone seeks to attack us and/or our work, it is also an attack on the Child Standard, whether they recognise that or not, which is why we invite those who have attacked and continue to attack us to come and learn more and turn to uphold this standard alongside us.

We have no interest in getting involved in circular arguments through online food fights with those whose primary pathology is to try and destroy us and our work. We know the resources of anyone involved would be far better utilised to help alleviate suffering in the world’s most vulnerable children; starting with the 800 million who are drinking and dying from toxic water. One child under 5 years old dies every two minutes because of our inability to provide children with their most basic needs. It’s a situation that is a shocking reflection on the state of our humanity in this ‘modern’ age and so we need and want to be unified in addressing this issue rather than being mired in petty positional conflict.

At the very least we want a peaceful outcome that’s win-win or no deal for all and not a compromise. We cannot have one side win at the expense of the other when the ideal is that both get their win.

What to do if you haven’t already received an invitation

We want to meet as many of our critics as possible and so are currently finding out who wants to attend in order to then decide the date that works for the most people.

If you are someone who has been trolling or criticising Lighthouse Global, its Associates and projects and have yet to receive an invite, then please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can add you to the invite list for confirming a date.

You can contact us through our central email address ( or the person you know who is involved at Lighthouse Global.

Finally, we would repeat that through this offer we are striving for the best possible outcome for everyone involved; us, our families, our other critics and children as a form of pursuing the highest ideal.

Therefore we look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at this event soon!

Lighthouse Global Associate Partnership

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