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Paul S. Waugh Invites Tom Kelly From The Daily Mail To Meet Him & His Family

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

First Published 29th April 2022

At Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global, we are committed to putting people and relationships first. Following Paul S. Waugh's video response to Tom Kelly's email yesterday morning, he sent the following email to Mr Kelly this evening with an invitation to meet to reconcile differences and ensure the truth is reported in regards to him, us and our work.

Email from Paul S. Waugh to Tom Kelly at The Daily Mail...


Come and visit us.. my family.. my children.. my colleagues! At [my family home]! Come and learn the facts! If not (because you are too busy to travel) we will visit you (with our children, with our partners, with our families.. we will come to you at the Daily Mail offices).. don’t underestimate this.. we will get the world to observe our (all of us!) visit to you and what is really going on here!! The abuse of freedom is over!

Have a good weekend with you and your family.

Paul S. Waugh

We are looking forward to Tom Kelly's reply and making wrongs right through a face-to-face conversation. We expect that to be very inconvenient to Mr Kelly because he's not interested in reporting the truth, he's interested in reporting a good (bad) story that will sell papers. However, we're prepared to be wrong.

Months later, Tom Kelly continues to ignore Paul S. Waugh's invitation. On our site dedicated to responding to the Daily Mail article about Lighthouse Global we have published a page calling out Tom Kelly and Adam Luck for unprincipled and unlawful journalism.

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