Response To The Libellous Daily Mail Article About Lighthouse International Group

Updated: Jun 11

An article published by the Daily Mail on Tuesday 19th April 2022 has been the most recent attempt by a small group of disgruntled ex-partners and other non-affiliated people to damage the reputation of Lighthouse International Group, character assassinate Chairman Paul Waugh and destroy the livelihoods of those conducting pioneering work at Lighthouse.

After publication, Lighthouse International Chairman Paul Waugh was joined in his home by the senior partners, Warren Vaughan, Shaun Cooper, Adam Wallis and Kris Deichler to discuss this libellous Daily Mail article and smear campaign.

Below are the videos which will address the Daily Mail article, the background to the online smear campaign, how it came about and those involved.

This meeting ended up being a fascinating 5-hour discussion of the article; dissecting and sharing about the content line by line, which we are sharing on our Lighthouse International Group YouTube channel in instalments. The playlist with this videos is below.

To those interested in truth beyond sensationalism, these talks will be an exciting and revealing glimpse into exactly what has been pioneered at Lighthouse for 18 years.

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