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Self-Proclaimed Cult Expert Alexandra Stein Supports Child Abusive Parents

Updated: Mar 15

Knowing who you can and cannot trust is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s world… where lies, scams and deception proliferate more than in any period in history. Being able to trust experts, scientists and authorities is both crucial and increasingly critical. How do you know you can genuinely trust someone when they announce to you that they’re an expert? 

Aside from the fact that they’ve got those magical three letters “PhD” after their name, you would expect them to have trustworthy, verifiable, reliable sources to cite any investigation or diagnosis they made, right? 

The Cult of the Self-Proclaimed Cult Expert

Apparently, this is not the route that Alexandra Stein, self-proclaimed ‘cult expert’ feels she needs to follow. Not only has Ms Stein openly mocked the personal faith of many Lighthouse Associate Partners, she has used hearsay, lies and a libellous article from the Daily Mail to assess and conclude in her opinion, that Lighthouse Global is a cult. She has cherry-picked and only spoken with those who have a vendetta against and seek to destroy Lighthouse Global. But she has never met, spoken with or investigated anyone who has benefitted greatly from our work, despite having many opportunities and invitations to do so.

So Alexandra Stein is not a fan of the Daily Mail, but when it suits her, in other words, when she wants to promote herself and build her “brand”, she’ll use the Mail as a credible source to make a life-altering, reputation-decimating public conclusion that Lighthouse Global is a cult?

Not only that, but she now openly cites a BBC Three fictional film A Very British Cult, as a credible source for her conclusions about Lighthouse Global?! What kind of Mickey-Mouse cult expert is she?! Where are her own sources? Where is her personal research? What is she doing, publicly acting like some sort of judge, jury and executioner when she’s never even spoken to any of the current Lighthouse Global team?!

Wikipedia, the global community-driven Encyclopedia, has banned citing the Daily Mail as a credible source!

“As a result, the Daily Mail should not be used for determining notability, nor should it be used as a source in articles. An edit filter should be put in place going forward to warn editors attempting to use the Daily Mail as a reference.” - Wikipedia

So what is Ms Stein doing referencing their article to make such a damning, life-altering claim about the Lighthouse Global and its Associate Partners?

The Cult of Media

Alexandra Stein is not the only one doing this. There are a handful of people who have a vendetta against Lighthouse Global, and they ran to the BBC to try and sell them on the lies about Lighthouse to get us destroyed. Not only did they fail, but we are now exposing every single one of the hundreds of lies, omissions, deceptions and manipulations the BBC are categorically guilty of. 

These people; Alexandra Stein, Jeffrey Leigh-Jones, Dawn Ingram, Jon Breen, Simon Perreira, Rani Singh, and a handful of others, all believe the BBC is their saviour. The BBC has influence, reach, money and a longstanding history. But so did the News of the World! And when the BBC is exposed under the weight of their own lies, the first people to get thrown under the bus will be their sources and so-called experts like Alexandra Stein. Why? Ms Stein, the BBC trusted you to tell the truth. They trusted you to actually be an expert when you said you were one. They didn’t expect you to be an amateur commentator who has no idea what you’re talking about. 

So-called journalist Catrin Nye, her producer Natalie Truswell, Jamie Bartlett, Ravin Sampat and all the BBC’s sources have one thing in common; they are narcissistic, self-promoting predatory trolls. And when the truth outs the lies they have all told, they will all turn on each other and the BBC will hang them out to dry! It has already happened in small doses.

All the anti-Lighthouse Reddit group unceremoniously kicked out Jon Breen in May 2022. In June 2023 Jon Breen supported Rani Singh financially with a court hearing where she was given a court order, before he publicly turned on her. Meanwhile Dawn Ingram couldn’t wait 5 minutes to dob in Gareth Bourne at the High Court hearing before the staged ‘surreal final showdown’ orchestrated by the BBC.

These predatory trolls and evidently hateful individuals have nowhere to run because they have not sided with truth and reality, but rather lies, deception, corruption and manipulation. We at Lighthouse pray for all of them, that they repent from their lies and destruction. We’ve reluctantly taken the steps of accountability we have after first attempting to reconcile and defend our position with the intention to cease this vengeful behaviour. We know that many of our attackers will lose their reputations, careers, livelihoods and, in many cases, they will take a major blow to their mental health. We desperately want them to wake up and take responsibility!

The Cult of Family

Alexandra Stein claims she wants to help people escape cults. What about the cult of toxic families? It is widely known that most abuse of children happens in their own homes¹. These survivors need a safe support community to heal and recover. Lighthouse has been that surrogate family for many. However, if Ms Stein were to have her way, they would go back to their abusers! People are welcome at any time to leave Lighthouse Global, yet somehow now-adult children are not allowed to leave their abusers in their family? It makes you seriously question Ms Stein’s true motives here - is she really looking out for cult survivors, or just trying to promote her name and brand??

Don’t just take our word for it. In 2018, Jose Fernández Aguado wrote the following for the International Cultic Studies Association;

“A dysfunctional family makes its members weaker in many of the same ways that a cult makes its members weaker: In both contexts, members’ autonomy, critical thinking, identity, and dignity are suppressed or distorted to serve the needs of those in control (Langone, 1992). 

Both dysfunctional families and cults make their members more dependent upon their family or cult, and consequently weaker. Even if members of a dysfunctional family become estranged, there is often a psychological dependence rather than a healthy integration with people outside the coercive environment of which they were part.”

Given that at least 1 in 5 children have grown up with domestic abuse in the UK² and at least 1 in 10 children are victims of incest in the USA³, surely Ms Stein ought to be investigating the cult of families? Why isn’t she? Well, here’s why…

Because when you try to help survivors of abusive families, those abusive families will come at you with everything they’ve got to try and destroy you, protect their secrets, and cling on to the children they are abusing. The very BBC hit piece and Daily Mail smear are weapons of such abusive families who tried to destroy Lighthouse Global. In the name of helping cult survivors, Ms Stein has empowered, promoted and endorsed families who, in some cases, have directly or indirectly sexually abused their own children! Read more here.

Enter David vs Goliath

Many people have asked us, why don’t we sue the BBC? Why don’t we hold our accusers accountable by law? 

We have explored a variety of different legal options and with each piece of research and discovery it became increasingly self-evident that given the BBC and Daily Mail’s legal clout, financial backing and global reach, we would never stand a chance to win legally as a very small enterprise. 

We also saw with the example of BrewDog that a legal victory means very little other than big wins for lawyers… despite losing in court, the BBC continues to have libellous podcasts about BrewDog online! You see, we are approaching this whole situation not just in terms of addressing the personal and professional damage done to us, but also to solve real problems that drive people to the point of suicide attempts. Quite simply, there are millions of everyday people suffering under the tyranny of the cult of the legacy media, the cult of families, and if they dare do speak up, then they get crushed by the weight of these goliaths. 

This is exactly why we are hosting a live, unedited showdown of David vs Goliath, Lighthouse vs the BBC on April 23rd 2024. We will expose just how the mainstream media deceives the ordinary public to side with these abusive families and self-proclaimed cult experts. We don’t expect you to read an article like this and believe what we have to say. The live showdown is there for you to discern the truth, the facts, the myths, the falsehoods and the deceptions for yourself. 

Follow Lighthouse Global CEO Paul Waugh, here on X for daily updates and exposés on the BBC’s lies.

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. - Ephesians 5:15-16


3. “Betrayal of Innocence: Incest and Its Devastation”, by Dr. Susan Forward and Craig Buck, 1988


The public need to feel and understand the severity of not just what Alexandra Stein has done here, but other self-claimed 'experts.' Despite the claims that we are focussing more on the mental health, well-being and safety of children, right now, we have perverted 'experts' pushing damaging ideologies aimed at children.

In this case, Alexandra Stein has SUPPORTED provably abusive (including direct and indirect sexual abuse) families and for some reason, thought adding her toxic two pence to the sham documythary 'A Very British Cult,' was completely acceptable and justified. But as has been raised, her desire to build her brand has revealed her to be just as culpable and just as vile in supporting these abusers.

This is despicable…


It's sickening, but also very sad that someone like Alexandra Stein would stoop so low as to support and back toxic, parental sexual abusers in a way of backing their vendettas by incriminating a small fraternity of being a cult. If you want to be heard, allow others to speak out as well, don't just share a one-sided story like the BBC has done. Seek the truth, don't rely on hearsay......


Mar 16

Even so-called cult "experts" are deceived by the most pernicious cult of them all - the cult of coercively-controlling family. There's a trend here, the Family Cult playbook...

The same is done in the press, the media, governmental departments, and government agencies... Misusing the institutions that are meant to serve the public, in order to destroy members of the public, and all in the name of "public interest".

What is our response in Christ? Pray. Rebuke. Admonish. Educate. Protect. Serve.

Our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ need to know they're not alone in what they're going through, we can and will stand together 🙏🏼


It makes me wonder how much Alexandra Stein and other ‘cult experts’ bring in their own autobiographies instead of doing solid research. Who’s the cult here? She received an official invitation for the David vs Goliath showdown. Does she really want to understand the reality of the situation? 🙏

Replying to

She is just out for self-glorification, she has NO interest in the facts or the truth. Sadly, these so-called cult experts believe they know it all. Pray for them


This woman has played a big part in the breakup of my family and spreading lies about myself and my brother being brainwashed. May God have mercy on her she only pursues her own agenda instead of finding out the truth. She casts aspersions on others without even speaking to them.


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