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You Left This Testimonial Out Too Daily Mail!

Updated: Feb 8

Lighthouse Global Statement by Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner

On the 8th of February 2022, I wrote an Affidavit (a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court) to the Daily Mail for an article that they said they intended to publish about the work of Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global. None of what I wrote was ever published. So with a few amendments to add to how I currently feel, below is my testimony of my experience with Lighthouse Global. I would stand up on Oath and say it word for word today!

The above picture was taken at Anfield - The home of Liverpool FC! Paul S. Waugh took me there as it was one of my dreams to visit. What a con-man!!

Paul S. Waugh is pretty much the most trustworthy person I have met in my life. No man is perfect, however, so I cannot say I have no doubt whatsoever in terms of his integrity and character. But I have known Paul S. Waugh for 12 years and I can say that I trust this man with my life and more than any other man I know!

This is because this man has the patience of a saint and I truly believe wants the best for me in my life, often more than myself at times. The reason why I say that he has the patience of a saint is because of the hundreds of times he has shared something with me on group calls that I have needed to understand for my own good but haven’t. He will work tirelessly to find a way to help me understand and take on that responsibility to do so. Of course, he has his frustrations and gets angry, but he will work harder to put those to one side more than anyone I’ve met in terms of his endeavour to be conscientious - and even continually says how it is his responsibility to find a way to help me understand what I need to understand. This situation is repeated almost daily!

This is because of the number of times he has emotionally picked me up when I have doubted myself in relation to achieving the goals I want to achieve in my life and told me and affirmed me that he sees my potential. If I was in a corporate organisation where I have worked as a Chartered Accountant, they would simply say that I’m not good enough and sack me. He sees who I can become and my potential more than I ever have and he’s supported me a great deal during my growth and development in wanting me to achieve what is good and healthy for me. He’s given me the fathering I never had because my own dad wasn’t able to give me what I needed particularly in relation to building strength within myself.

Being mentored by Paul S. Waugh has been a positively life-changing experience, but it’s definitely not been “easy.” In fact, I would say it’s been one of the hardest experiences of my life because being mentored by someone who has the highest standards in his own life is hard! It’s the equivalent of being mentored by Usain Bolt in running! So as the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easy. Indeed having Paul as my mentor can be bittersweet at times because he is continually reminding me of my potential and who I can be and want to be. Especially when I let myself down a lot. He doesn’t sugarcoat his words because he knows that won’t help me. Does that mean at times that I feel frustrated or angry at him? Definitely. Have I felt he’s put pressure on me in areas that I didn’t want to look into? Definitely! But there is no man I’ve met that cares so much about those who he feels responsible for and for the vulnerable children of this world that have no one supporting them. Paul S. Waugh is that man.

In relation to allegations of being a cult leader, the irony is that Paul is also one of the most righteous people I have met and does not tolerate those in power abusing their position. Specifically, there was a situation where a number of the core senior team did have a disagreement with me where they overstepped their authority. These situations happen all the time in families and organisations. Paul saw that their behaviour was wrong and stepped in to deal with the situation fairly. In particular, he helped those senior members understand their behaviour so that they could develop into better leaders while at the same time holding them firmly accountable!

As part of being mentored by Paul, he has guided me to look at areas of my life that I need to look at and change if I am to have a better life than I originally had. Has that been painful? Yes, it has, because he has had the courage to tell me things with a positive intention that most people haven’t done. Indeed he has often given me what I need and not what I want because he knows that what I have wanted hasn’t always been healthy for me. Again, at times, I have felt this to be frustrating but this takes a strength that very few people I have met actually possess.

I have come from a place in my life where, when I met Paul, I was angry with life! I thought I had lived by the rules that I was told to but I was incredibly frustrated. Paul saw the wounded and hurt boy inside me and where so many have judged and not had the compassion or understanding to see who I am, I felt he did. He could see beyond my outward exterior. I also was hell bent on proving myself to my so-called “friends” who I felt had belittled me constantly during my formative years. Yet these were areas where I told myself everything was 'ok' - but the reality is that I’ve needed trusted mentors like Paul.

In line with becoming my best self and growing up, Paul has helped me develop my relationship with money and success. Again this has not been an easy area of my life. I have wanted Paul to be my business 'sugar daddy' to help me achieve all the business dreams I had for the wrong reasons such as feeling it would make me feel 'important' and 'successful'. Indeed this has been an area where I have felt frustrated at Paul and Lighthouse. I wanted my journey here to be shorter and quicker and easier!! And it hasn’t been. However, that has mainly been down to my own failures. I haven’t worked as hard as I needed to and I haven’t listened to Paul’s wisdom enough. It’s also been down to the pioneering nature of the work that we all do. Paul won’t compromise on achieving an optimal outcome but I will. That’s the reality. Again I do have moments where I feel frustration at this but this is why I trust Paul!

In relation to the financial investments I have made in myself at Lighthouse Global and the allegations about Paul stealing money, I find this laughable if the situation wasn’t so serious. Have I invested more money than I thought I would? The answer is yes. Have I felt annoyed at times and under pressure? Yes. Of course, because it has been tough and I want the situation to be easy with as little struggling as possible. However, have I ever been forced into anything? No. I also know Paul Waugh wants to repay my investments with an incredible level of return, but he wants me to be responsible with my money so I don’t abuse it and get consumed by it, like many men who come into substantial wealth.

Ultimately I am helping to build a pioneering global organisation that I believe is going to make more of a difference than any other company that has ever existed. Therefore making multiple investments is part of the territory when it comes to being pioneers. Paul Waugh has invested more time, more money and more effort than anyone here. He has paid for so much research here out of his own pocket. The number of times he’s been on calls with more energy and vitality after working into the early morning hours is an incredible example of who I ultimately aspire to be, despite myself. He is relentless in wanting to help us achieve our goals so that we can become human beings that can help the most needy in the world. Again, I reiterate, that this is not to say that I think Paul Waugh is perfect. I have definitely worshipped him, like a child, because of my own immaturity and he had many of his own challenges that he shares with us very openly. He makes mistakes but why I trust him is that I’ve never met someone who endeavours to rectify them as much as he does. The same cannot be said for the vast, vast, vast majority of people that I have met let alone the trolls who I wouldn't trust with a plastic duck, let alone my investments!

My journey at Lighthouse Global has certainly not been easy and I could have chosen a easier route - but none would have involved me achieving more of my potential! If you would like to get in touch with me or ask any questions in relation to what I have shared please feel free to contact me at:

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