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The Lighthouse Global Community site has been set up after the members of the greater Lighthouse community were absolutely shocked at the malicious lies online and in the press from these 4 main groups:







Group 1 - Controlling, malignantly toxic families, parents, siblings or partners who feel jealous and resentful that they can’t control their child or partner anymore
Group 2 - In the year preceding the malicious online persecution Paul S. Waugh and a large group of Lighthouse Global associates became Christian. We have learned that this is one of the biggest reasons for us being persecuted. We previously served 70,000 people and hardly had any complaints.





Group 3 - Ex-business partners or clients who are bitter about refunds that, for clear and legitimate reasons they are not due and know they have no legal case for
Group 4 - Those who have fallen in love and have unrequited affections for their mentor who have become nasty and bitter as a result of their feelings not being returned

The personal experience of the Lighthouse Global community and of clients has been the exact opposite.

They wanted to have their voice heard, so here is that voice! 

We help people achieve their potential often coming out of toxic families and relationships and so are attacked by those very same families. We believe family is sacred and we provide a safe environment for anyone to heal. 

Click here for a statement by Lighthouse Global's Legal Discovery Team on the above.

Hear from our Head Mentor Paul Waugh on Twitter:

Featured Stories From The Community 
Evidence of Abuse Towards Lighthouse Global

The Daily Mail article about Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global, is part of a malicious online smear campaign orchestrated by malignantly toxic people in operation since February 2021. This is some of what they have to say about us….


“I don’t give a flying monkey’s fuck about anything Paul Stephen Waugh says. Literally everything out of his mouth is complete bullshit. He’s so full of it if you gave him an enema you could bury him in a matchbox.”

“LIG and Associates – WE are coming for you”


“Monsters don’t exist but sadly Paul Stephen Waugh does, and that makes the world a shittier place to be. You are the abuser.”


“The predominant South African Strain of the Lighthouse 20 Virus has mutated into an Indian Variant. The Delta Variant originated with the Singh brothers [Jai & Sukh] and has been rapidly spreading through the UK.”


“It’s not just the Daily Mail… Everyone with the capacity for basic logic, and the ability to form simple ideas into coherent sentences, thinks that the output of Lighthouse International Group is endless, meaningless bullshit.”


We have offered many opportunities to meet and discuss any grievances with us in public, but these vengeful people continue to snipe from the shadows hiding behind pseudonyms. 

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