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Trolls Will Deny Truth Even When It's Staring Them In The Face - A Lighthouse Global Case

Updated: Mar 15

So recently I put up a video testimonial of one of our mastermind groups. This is just one of a number of groups we run every week and the video is here if you want to have a look at it. This was picked up by the criminal anti-Lighthouse trolls on Reddit and I was actually sent this screenshot of one of their replies from someone in their circle...

Again it just shows the bias and prejudice that is out there. As I’ve said before in my previous article. The pathology of a troll is they revel in others’ misfortune. They don’t want to build up, they want to break down and you can see by the cynical title and questions below there is no attempt to appreciate or build up. When presented with some wonderful people sharing their honest experiences they try and pick holes. Even the title is cynically written. They first start by asking has everyone given permission. Which, of course, they have. But why would you ask this first? It’s a seemingly innocent question until you look at the motive behind it. This was the post underneath it and someone else who replied which was promptly deleted.

This is where so many of us can get foxed by someone who is narcissistic. They will ask questions that appear innocent and genuine on the surface but when you find out the real motive behind it you see it’s actually quite sinister. The questions in this post about permission and about DBS checks are all designed to sow seeds of doubt in the mind of the reader. By the way, for the record, I am DBS checked. For anyone who doesn't know, it's a criminal record search by the Disclosure Barring Service. All it does is say you don't have a criminal record. We need far more stringent checks to work with children which is also why everyone at Lighthouse is supervised DAILY by a senior mentor.

Also now you can also see the fear coming into these types of people as they are being presented with the truth “I am not a troll everything I say on Reddit is my factual experience”. Why then are you hiding behind a false name? I have put my name in that video and so has everyone else. If you believe so much in what you are saying then why don’t you put your name against your factual experience? The person making these criminal, dark and destructive comments we know now is tragically a teacher! As you can see her identity has been revealed as Jo Holmes by one of the users who commented after her. This reply was immediately deleted because they only want to present their lies and not the reality. That is why I’m posting this here so it can’t be deleted!

Why was that? What does this person have to hide? You see not one word here is designed to be upbuilding. It’s all cynically designed to break down. If I or we had anything to hide I wouldn't be taking the time to put this in an article like this! I have met this person. I have been in meetings with this person. I really believe deep down she does care about children but this is just blatant slandering.

You’ll notice that whenever these trolls have come onto our Linkedin pages or anything else, we don’t delete the comments. We leave them up! Why? So we can use them to lead and teach people about what narcissism is. This is an example of how, when someone is so fixated on their own interests at the expense of others they blind themselves to the truth. I have done this myself, but I am constantly working on it and am questioning myself and those around me. I have a lot of compassion for these people. Many of them may have been bullied in their lives and are now desperately searching for scraps of significance and to try and champion a cause, no matter how destructive it is. But if you’re trying to do that why don’t you do it genuinely, with your real name, and talk to us? Engage in dialogue and conversation instead of writing cynical childish posts on Reddit? You see no amount of truth staring people like this in the face will make them look at themselves and go “you know maybe I’m wrong...Maybe my experience is perhaps more about me and my issues than anyone else.” No, that’s not what a troll does. They constantly look out there and blame others.

All of these posts have been shared with our legal counsel as part of the case against malicious falsehoods and defamation of these specific individuals.

If you would value any support dealing with narcissism or online trolling please get in touch here….

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