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What Is It Like To Be Mentored At Lighthouse Global?

Updated: Mar 15

Answered by Head Mentor, Paul S. Waugh

Our aim at Lighthouse Global is to develop a culture of mentoring which is absolutely essential to all areas of society; family life, with our children, in small businesses, and throughout large multinational organisations.

We all know from our personal experiences that it can be quite daunting to put your trust in someone else to provide guidance and support. You can read more about some of these experiences on our Lighthouse Global Community site. We have both been helped, and we have helped others, and this is a responsibility we take incredibly seriously.

In the video below, our Head Mentor answers your questions: Can I trust mentorship coaching? What is the Lighthouse team like? What traits help a mentee to grow? Will a mentor try to control me?

You can learn more about Mentorship Coaching on the Mentoring & Coaching page of the Lighthouse Global website.

Additionally, please feel free to follow us on social media to learn more about what we’ve discovered over the past 18 years.

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