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Now That's What I Call Trolling 2021/2022!

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Those attacking Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global, feel aggrieved by being called 'trolls'. This post shows why we use the word deliberately.

Yes, I know, it's a somewhat tongue-in-cheek article title, but one of the most frequent complaints amongst a group of people writing anti-Lighthouse posts and comments on Reddit and other social media platforms has been the fact we refer to them as 'trolls', as though it is somehow unwarranted/unfair as the post below shows.

So, we thought we would address this and make it very clear to anyone wondering exactly why we use the term by sharing a selection of posts and comments we feel give very good reason for that... Here are our top 10 picks from the last 12 months...

As you read these posts, please remember that in the minds of those posting these things on Reddit and those associated with them their claim is that they are not trolls, they are simply 'questioning' the practices of Lighthouse's business and asking others to do the same. These are also people who have so far turned down our open invitations to come and meet with us in person to ask their questions and work with us to reconcile any issues they may have with us reasonably and maturely.

N.B. Reader Warning: One or more of the below posts may be offensive to some readers. Discretion is advised for those who choose to read further.

No.1: Being Compared To The Covid-19 Virus With A Dose of Added Racism

Straight in at No. 1... I don't think this needs any further explanation as to why it tops the list... Bear in mind that people in Lighthouse Global, like so many around the world, lost close relatives to the Covid19 Virus.

No.2: New Nicknames For Our Associate Partners

This post was later amended and toned down from this original version by the author. The author is also someone who knows none of the people on this list personally, has never met them personally, nor have they any idea what each of them have been through in life and how insensitive and inhuman such names could be as you will see when I explain more and you compare the nicknames to the real person.

For instance, Jairaj (11) is one of the partners racially abused by the post above along with his brother, Sukh (7) who, along with his brother Jairaj, were both abandoned by their father at a very young age. Then Anthony (13), is someone who has struggled with dyslexia, had a stammer from childhood and a deep fear of public speaking his whole life before coming to Lighthouse... something he has been helped to make huge strides in overcoming with our help. Now you know this, look at their 'nicknames' again. The author of this post is one of the primary leaders behind the Reddit smear campaign and is also a co-moderator (who has been praised by numerous other users) of the subreddit they set up for supposedly sharing their experiences and 'questioning' Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global...

No.3: Lighthouse International Group/Paul Waugh Snakes & Ladders Game

In this post, Chairman of Lighthouse Global, Paul S. Waugh, has had his image superimposed onto the classic board game. Paul, in good humour, has actually had this printed and hung on his wall at home...

No.4: Colourful Language, Rated 18+

This was a series of comments relating to a Reddit Post made about Paul S. Waugh, Chairman of Lighthouse Global, where an official Lighthouse video addressing comments and accusations of the trolls was deliberately edited to mock Paul S. Waugh personally. It's important to note that no one in the subreddit (prior to this article), has complained or objected to these comments, including the moderators. In fact, it's been given a few upvotes and the laughing emoji comment is known to be by a 'concerned' family member of a current Associate Partner.

Joint with the above is by the same user here, this time with 7 upvotes.

No.5: Dickensian Accusations of Theft

The author of the below post certainly has an imagination worthy of Charles Dickens himself. Something that is omitted from this post, however, is the very fact that Lighthouse Global proactively tried for months to offer the person this refers to a full refund (on compassionate grounds, due to their illness) without any reply or acknowledgement. When they finally did get in touch with us, that offer was left pending them being cleared of any involvement in defaming and trolling the company. This was with good reason as this post later revealed.

No.6: Creativity - Photoshop & Marketing

Are these examples of the people on Reddit genuinely 'questioning' Lighthouse Global and our Chairman, Paul S. Waugh? Is threatening to destroy people's businesses and livelihoods and the effect that would have on their families, as a result, a joke? Yet these are people who countless times on Reddit will also claim to have noble aims and objectives. This is another one that Paul has printed out and has on his wall at home!

No.7: Recruitment Drive

Those posting on Reddit have claimed that their numbers are genuine and have grown organically. However, the below post shows a clear and active intent to forward their efforts to try and destroy reputations and livelihoods using anonymity as a means to quell any qualms an applicant might have. Something we have publicly raised many times is why those with genuine concerns and issues aren't willing to reveal their true identities and put actual names to their claims as anyone with good and noble intentions surely would. This is perhaps an insight into the lengths and tactics trolls will use and go to and why they hide themselves behind pseudonyms...

No.8: Destructive Intentions

One of the reasons many people supported Donald Trump in his run for the presidency was his candid way of openly speaking his mind. We have asked the 'trolls' what their motives and intentions are and here was the answer.

No.9: Conspiracy Theories

Something that has caused us all at Lighthouse Global some lighter moments of amusement at times has been reading the many wildly inaccurate theories and speculations that have been bandied around on Reddit. For the record, there are currently 9 Associate Partners here who are parents, with 14 children of various ages between them. It's also worth noting that not even the Daily Mail in their article on Lighthouse were willing to print the word 'cult', despite them informing us that this was one of the accusations they had received from those on Reddit. Also, if these people knew the full extent of our stories, the kinds of backgrounds and challenging/traumatising situations that Associate Partners here have come from and been through here, they would know there is actually a huge depth of accumulative life experience and breakthroughs that have been made across the board. It's a big part of what bonds us and motivates us so strongly in our work and desire to help others.

No.10: Fantastic Tales

This post is a take on one of Hans Christian Andersen's classic tales, however, that's all it remains to be, a tale. Just like the rest of what has been and is being written against Lighthouse on Reddit, there is no substance, evidence or means of backing any of the accusations up beyond hearsay. It is like watching a game of Chinese whispers where the details and the reality get more and more distorted yet are spread around labelled as truth.

Of course, people are allowed to share their opinion or point of view, but when this potentially threatens people's hard work and investments, their income and their livelihoods, as well as the well-being of themselves and their families, it's a serious matter that requires facts and back up evidence, not tales. It's also the fact such opinions are repeated in posts like this by the same users again and again that takes them beyond mere opinion sharing to deliberate and malicious trolling.

That's All Folks...

So there you have it everyone. That is our list.

Posts like those above are not surprising to us and the level of accusations being made against Lighthouse Global given we understand the true motive of those involved. Reddit has been a hotbed for anti-Lighthouse posts and comments that have been stirred up predominantly by a handful (barely) of ex-business partners/ex-clients who are holding grudges over financial disputes they know they will lose. Alongside them are known to be numerous either resentful or toxic family members, ex-romantic partners and so-called 'friends' of current Associate Partners who are determined to believe Lighthouse is some kind of 'cult'. They refuse to believe that our Partners might simply and genuinely want to distance themselves from derogative, negative and toxic influences around them in order to get on with their work. However, those attacking us have been spurred on by those willing to twist truth and lie in order to try and defame the company and sabotage people's commitment here. It's all over unwarranted refunds people were not in the least entitled to. This is why no legal case has ever been brought against Lighthouse regarding these.

It's heartbreaking that those who were once 'close' to the people here who are currently serving others and working hard at Lighthouse Global, have been so eager and easily swayed to follow trolls rather than genuinely support their 'loved' ones. However, in time we know that the legal process will take its course and court cases will ensue to bring the truth to light. They will come to see the lies they tragically wanted so much to believe as well as the emotional, mental and financial cost of this to their 'loved' ones.

Just in case anyone wasn't clear what the people behind these posts' intentions were and how reasonable and 'caring' they actually are, we will leave you with this one last post below. It is up to you the reader and later indeed the courts to decide where the true 'credibility' lies in this whole situation.

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Jack Comer
Jack Comer
May 12, 2022

As comical as this petulant playground behaviour is it's also extremely abusive and damning. Most of these trolls have never even been close to being in Lighthouse and those who are abusive left becuase they couldn't face the reality of their lives. So they decided to fabricate a nice story where they wouldn't have to look at their ineptitude and blame everyone else for their shortfall of a life they could have built. Please, I'm not saying it's "everyone out there" with the trolls, I have realised how inept I am in life but I am doing something about it. Going through tremendous challenges and growing my character through it. It's a shame that people would stoop so low an…


May 07, 2022

Thank you for writing and bringing this article together Kris and everyone else that was involved as well. It is sad that such an article needs to be written, but anyhow, thank you very much. I looked up the definition of a troll and it is - a person who makes a deliberately offensive or provocative online post. This is what I'm feeling from these online posts, having not been exposed to them as you guys have been who are monitoring this activity, I do feel very sad at the state of humanity as a whole and what is going on here. Thank you again for writing this article Kris.


Unknown member
May 07, 2022

Thank you for this article Kriss! I haven't followed these reddit post as they had no substance or truth in them so this was eye opening for me to see. It saddens me to see how far people can go to proove that their own imagination is truth. I don't think this is even about the refund anymore. Their ego made it a personal mission to proove that they are right, regardless of the facts and the reality presented. It shows a lot about humanity and how distructive people can become in the name of defending their story.

May 09, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Larisa. It is sad that that a small group of vindictive and bitter trolls have resorted to this hateful and criminal behaviour. But, it is also an opportunity to educate about the pathology of trolls and how to respond to being trolled. We are using our experience as a case study to educate and support others. It does show a lot about humanity and what happens when bitterness and hatred takes you over.


Valerie Nash
Valerie Nash
May 07, 2022

What I find so very challenging, is that these posts are the microcosm of the increasingly "hate-full" pathological malevolence that is going on in our global societies, in every sphere of life. I am very encouraged however, by how much we have learned about just how devastating this abuse is for the recipients, and how we are now able through diligent, teamwork to shine the light on this scourge on humanity, and support many others to find the cowardly anonymous trolls, and add them to our newly formed Troll Register. It is incumbent on each of us, with any care, compassion and kindness in our beings to protect OUR children by courageously standing up to bullies and trolls, in institutions…


Lee Frimston
Lee Frimston
May 07, 2022

Those who originally invested in themselves and then left Lighthouse wanted a refund. When things don't work out for you, what does a healthy person do, sit down and discuss the detail of their concerns, like an adult, or go online and post hateful and malicious comments. Maybe that's why unhealthy people are defined as trolls in this context, which is truly sad and caused unnecessary damage to the lives and livelihoods of the people who have been trolled.


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