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Peek-a-Boo! There You Are! The Trolls of Lighthouse International Group Are Being Identified

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Those trolling Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global, have been very quick to name us to jeopardise our lives, livelihoods, families and children. Now, after more than a year of relentless trolling, we need to hold those attacking us accountable in order to protect ourselves and the public.

Key Points of This Article

  • We have listed the most persistent and destructive troll pseudonyms in this post to show our progress with confirming their true identities and holding them accountable as an update for our community members and to encourage others out there who are being trolled themselves.

  • We’ve decided to use this situation as a case study to learn from our experiences and help other individuals, groups and organisations being trolled; now and in the future. Trolling is a scourge of our online space and a dangerous threat from a hateful minority to the safety, well-being, reputations, livelihoods and families, especially children, of many millions of people.

  • A number of these tyrants have shown a sickening pleasure that our children have been very scared by the trolling and the malicious intent of those behind it.

  • The options from here for those trolling us are...

    1. Cease, desist, accept responsibility, apologise and make your wrongs right.

    2. Carry on and we'll pursue every legal means to achieve the first option along with bringing the full legal consequences to bear.

Context To This Article

  • The online trolling of Lighthouse Global, has lasted more than a year and has come from less than 0.1% of those we’ve ever engaged with. After giving them every opportunity to stop this illegal, unlawful and criminal harassment, we are now actively pursuing criminal and civil prosecution.

  • All of the accusations made against us have been dealt with. We will be summarising these in a future post.

  • However, whatever Lighthouse Global has or hasn’t done does not give anyone the right or free reign to then attack and try to destroy us through anonymous trolling or otherwise!

  • How they’ve gone about this is way worse than the falsehoods we’ve been accused of. This behaviour against us is trolling because of the intention to destroy (which they have publicly admitted); the relentless, persistent and consistent attempts to assassinate our characters and well-being of the partners at Lighthouse Global, its families and their children.

  • We have been incredibly patient, considerate and responsible in confronting those harassing us; exploring every possible option to reconcile before taking further steps, such as; involving employers, reporting to the police and taking legal action.

  • We feel it is not only in our interest but in the public interest to use all resources in identifying trolls who persist consistently in their destructiveness and show they are incapable of reason, in order to hold them to account.

The Public List of Those Assassinating The Character & Wellbeing of Lighthouse Global

Below is the list of those who have been the worst and most persistent in assassinating us and our families at Lighthouse Global. They have been part of a coordinated smear campaign with the intention to destroy us; our characters, well-being, our business and our families through a persistent “media and social media onslaught”, as described by one troll online.

They have stated publicly that they have been communicating outside of Reddit and are “not anonymous to each other, or to the police, government agencies, private investigators, or journalists”. Therefore everyone below is complicit by association in this illegal, unlawful and criminal behaviour.

This is to show that those behind this are being and will all eventually be identified and where relevant, we have included the cases that have been reported to the police and where crime numbers have been issued. The names of those we have identified and strongly suspect have been redacted. There are more reports being made as you read this because those responsible for these attacks have shown they need to be and will be held accountable.

What’s key here is the malevolent intent, as you can see in the recent screenshot below! When context and key facts are omitted, then someone’s interpretation can be completely swayed; that’s what is most pernicious about these attacks on us and we reserve the right to defend ourselves with the truth where that is in the public interest and because many other lives count on this.

Let’s also be clear, we are now pursuing full accountability in this way because those trolling us have decided they were entitled to feed half-truths and lies to a tabloid newspaper in a deliberate attempt to smear and defame us and our reputation. Along with that every warning we have given, has either been hitherto ignored or mocked without any effort to reason and reconcile with us where ample opportunity has been given.

Identified & Reported to Police:

True Name: *** *****, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Throwawayeducovictim

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Surrey Police: Crime Number 452******** (harassment, malicious communications, stalking)

  • Warwickshire Police: Police Reference ROC-89**-**-****-IR (harassment in relation to a disability, racism)

  • Thames Valley Police: Crime Number 121****/** (harassment, racism)

  • Metropolitan Police: Crime Number 452******** (harassment)

  • Gloucestershire Police: CR/01****/** & CR/01****/** (online harassment & racism)

  • Warwickshire Police: Police Reference 221-14****, Crime Numbers 23/1****/** & 23/1****/** (hate speech, racism)

  • Surrey Police: Police Reference P22****** (malicious communications)

True Name: ******* ***** , Reddit Pseudonym: u/**************

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Surrey Police: Crime Number 452******** (harassment)

  • Metropolitan Police: Crime Number 140****/** (harassment)

True Name: ****** ******, Reddit Pseudonym: u/CreativeWrap919

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Surrey Police: Crime Number 452******** (harassment, malicious communications, stalking)

  • Warwickshire Police: Police Reference: 221-14****, Crime Numbers: 23/1****/** (hate speech) & 23/1****/** (malicious communications)

  • Surrey Police: Police Reference P22****** (malicious communications)

True Name: ******* ******, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Fagins_nemesis

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Warwickshire Police: Police Reference 221-14****, Crime Number: 23/1****/** (hate speech)

  • Essex Police: Police Reference ROC-57**-**-****-****, Crime Number: 42/7****/** (harassment, malicious communications, stalking)

True Name: ****** *****, Reddit Pseudonym: u/starling157

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Surrey Police: Police Reference P22****** (hate speech, character defamation, malicious communications, harassment of clients)

  • Victoria State Police, Australia: Police Constable 47***,, VP Form 28**

True Name: **** *********, Reddit Pseudonym: u/happyhippo717

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Surrey Police: Police Reference P22****** (hate speech, character defamation, malicious communications, harassment of clients)

  • Victoria State Police, Australia: Police Constable 47***,, VP Form 28**

True Name: ****** *****, Reddit Pseudonym: u/AvoCuddle07

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Surrey Police: Police Reference P22****** (dogpiling, hate speech, malicious communications and threats to harass through contacting family)

Strongly Suspected / Full Identification In Progress:

True Name: **** ******, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Impossible-Change488 (Family member / close friend of: ******* *****-*****)

True Name: ******* ******-******, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Educational-Lead-306 (Family member of: ******* ******)

Under Investigation & Reported to Police:

Reddit Pseudonym: u/SkyFall-2022 (Family member / close friend of: ****** *****)

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Surrey Police: Police Reference P2******* (harassment, character defamation, malicious communications)

Reddit Pseudonym: u/68Dubai20 (Family member of Lighthouse Associate)

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Surrey Police: Police Reference P2******* (dogpiling, hate speech, malicious communications and threats to harass through contacting family)

Reddit Pseudonym: u/JackHaeckel

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Surrey Police: Police Reference P2******* (malicious communications, harassment)

Reddit Pseudonym: u/Broad-Ad-485

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Surrey Police: Police Reference P2******* (malicious communications, harassment)

Reddit Pseudonym: u/ArchoDEiris

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Surrey Police: Police Reference P2******* (malicious communications, harassment)

Reddit Pseudonym: u/Own-Station2707

Relevant open police cases against this individual:

  • Surrey Police: Police Reference P2******* (malicious communications, harassment)

Identified / Pending Potential Further Action

True Name: ****** ********, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Broad_You_1385

True Name: *** ****, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Amon3358

True Name: ****** *******, Reddit Pseudonym: u/_Richter_Belmont_

True Name: ******** *******, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Oringi200

True Name: ****** ******, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Valued-empty-pull

True Name: ***** *******, Reddit Pseudonym: u/MadCena420

Offline Libel & Slander Cases:

******* *****-*****

******* ******

**** *****

******* ****

Other Open Investigations:

True Name: *** *********, Reddit Pseudonym: u/NoAwareness4746

True Name: ****** *********, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Enough-Reflection-78

True Name: ***** *********, Reddit Pseudonym: u/narc_or_not_666

True Name: ****** *********, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Relative-Detective38

True Name: ******* *********, Reddit Pseudonym: u/SeasonNo1269

True Name: ******** **********, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Bunny_hop1765

True Name: ******** ***********, Reddit Pseudonym: u/anonymous_hare_1304

True Name: ******* *******, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Ok-Wolverine-8633

True Name: ******* *********, Reddit Pseudonym: u/_-what_now-_ · 1y

True Name: ***** ******, Reddit Pseudonym: u/ItzDaBizz

True Name: ******* *********, Reddit Pseudonym: u/strangerhome

True Name: ****** *********, Reddit Pseudonym: u/Equivalent-Rock7709

True Name: **** *******, Reddit Pseudonym: u/winomore

True Name: *** ** ****, Reddit Pseudonym: u/livinginhope2020

True Name: *** ** **, Reddit Pseudonym: u/composingmusic

Ongoing Updates

We'll be updating all of the above lists through a dedicated troll register. This will include further updates on confirmed identities, police reports and progress made.

In the meantime the options from here are..

  1. Cease, desist, apologise and make wrongs right.

  2. Carry on and we'll pursue every legal means to achieve the first option.

Below is the greater context and explanation as to why we’re here now.

Where Did This Start For Me Personally?

When I first heard that there were people writing malicious lies, falsehoods and half-truths anonymously on Reddit about Lighthouse Global just over a year ago, I was pretty dumbfounded. The character and well-being of myself and others I care deeply for were being attacked. I have been involved at Lighthouse Global as an Associate Partner for almost 10 years. I was involved as a client for almost 3 years before that. People like Chris Nash, Paul S. Waugh and numerous others have supported me through the most immense challenges possible, most notably the loss of my mum back in May 2020.

Why Would Anyone Attack Such Positive & Healthy People?

So given my experience and knowing the individuals targeted, checking this out online was as if I was reading about a different group of people! Each day I am speaking and working with some of the most conscientious, sensitive, caring and good-hearted people I’ve ever met. We all have our flaws and we definitely make mistakes, but we strive to make things right where we get things wrong. Yet what was written about us was nasty, negative, racist, abusive, twisted, mocking, patronising, biased and prejudiced.

Who were these people to attack those trying to do such positive things with their lives through becoming better people?!? There was no balance and a year later it continues… that’s not healthy behaviour, that’s showing strong traits of pathologically unwell, even psychopathic behaviour… whether temporary or not! What I find so tragic is that most of these people are members of our own families and so-called friends.

Despite all the accusations that have been made, there’s nothing illegal and unlawful that Lighthouse Global has knowingly done. If we make mistakes, then we will do all we can to make those things right and take full responsibility. We won’t, however, give refunds where they are not due and we won’t let people defame our characters without fair response and defending ourselves.

Despite what has been written about us, we’ve received no lawyers’ letters in 18 years. Why have people persistently assassinated our character and well-being online anonymously rather than pursue the legal channels? Their criminal activity won’t be addressed by us in a criminal way and we’re seeing this right here.

Why Is This Trolling & Not Someone Just ‘Sharing Their Experience’?

Just to make it very clear, we’re not talking about someone writing a one-off complaint online or sharing a bad customer experience, we are talking about a relentless smear campaign through online trolling designed to defame and destroy our reputation as people and a business. There are now thousands of libellous posts and comments that have predominantly come from a small number of people; less than 0.01% of the 70,000+ people we’ve ever engaged with over the course of 18 years! Incredibly we even have people who’ve never ever met us or had any previous contact with Lighthouse Global defaming us online… this is not healthy, loving and adult behaviour!

Why We Have Needed To Hold These People Listed Above Accountable

It’s not just the content of what’s written, but it’s the consistent, persistent and relentless nature of this abuse. The same small group of people have been doing this for over a year! It’s equivalent to certain malicious torture techniques; those committed slowly, over time, it’s a cumulative impact that can have the most devastating effects. The leading psychiatrist M. Scott Peck wrote in his book The People of the Lie,

“When I say that evil has to do with killing, I do not mean to restrict myself to corporeal murder. Evil is that which kills spirit. There are various essential attributes of life -- particularly human life -- such as sentience, mobility, awareness, growth, autonomy, will. It is possible to kill or attempt to kill one of these attributes without actually destroying the body. Thus we may "break" a horse or even a child without harming a hair on its head.”

Having a group of people write destructive things about you on a daily basis is torture for the soul. This is why children and adults without the support of a community go on to commit suicide.

We Welcome Accountability

The recent Daily Mail article is clearly a big disappointment to those trying to destroy us, given that even the paper itself avoided any association with or public endorsement of the ‘accusations’ being made against Lighthouse Global, leaving it up to the accusers to bear the brunt of the inevitable libel case that follows. An associated article in the Saturday Star newspaper in South Africa did the same but also created a much more balanced report in comparison. It also seems we aren’t considered as ‘trendy’ in the southern hemisphere, compared to the opinions of the Daily Mail! ;-)

It’s been stated that all sorts of dossiers are being prepared against us for all our alleged wrongdoings which we more than welcome, we even tried to help this process along by organising the accusations made against us months ago. We will wait to see whether those accusing us are willing to put their names to these allegations in public though!

Ultimately we want those trolling us to take responsibility, to reform, to regenerate, to become healthier people better at handling their problems and challenges, to get the upbringing they never received growing up. It’s a shame but what’s being written about us on Reddit does not indicate the same sentiment towards us in return!

Warning That We Will Take Further Action Is Not Blackmail!

Our efforts to defend ourselves have been described as blackmail. Just to be clear, when you’re doing something criminal and are told that if you continue to do that, then the police will be informed, that’s not blackmail! If someone’s stealing and it’s highlighted that if they don’t stop, they will be reported to the police, this is being responsible and not blackmailing.

Proof of this is how we’ve seen people delete posts when we’ve challenged them and they’ve admitted to posting anti-Lighthouse statements with malicious intent online. If what was being done was as virtuous as they claimed, then there would be no such offers to take posts down when challenged. So it’s not surprising that those trolling us want to be anonymous… it’s shameful, destructive, illegal, unlawful and criminal behaviour that needs to stop.

This is now in the public interest because if the kinds of people noted above can relentlessly attack us online and/or behind our backs, then they can do this to others; whether at work or at home. Therefore it’s in the interest of employers and the public to know who these people actually are, based on the evidence of their hidden character and how they react when things don’t go their way. We are talking about people who have proven themselves to be extremely vengeful, nasty and destructive. When could they end up turning on their employers or people in their circle of family and ‘friends’, if they haven’t already?

How Did We Get To The Point Where We Now Need To Identify & Report Those Behind This Smear Campaign?

Let’s be clear here, nothing we’ve done to handle this situation has been a knee-jerk reaction. For instance we allowed all this to happen for 9 months without any form of direct response from our side! We hoped they would get bored and stop. We invited them to meet us and they mocked the offer. We warned them of legal action being taken and they did not take it seriously. We warned them we would speak to their employers and were then dismayed when we did. They scoffed at police reports and now we're having to tell police to be more lenient than they want to be by giving a warning rather than arresting someone, because they are members of our own families!

We never wanted this, but the trolls of Lighthouse Global have invited this onto themselves and now they bemoan the consequences, they whine, they protest, say they “feel sick” etc. We’re described as some 'evil cult' because we don’t just roll over and give people refunds they don’t deserve and we help people stand up to the bullies and toxic people in their lives.

Timeline of The Assassination On The Character & Well-being of Lighthouse Global, Its Partners & Families

Below is a timeline of events to show how we got to this point.

February 2021: First anonymous post on Reddit about LIG

  • Our response: we let this go so we could monitor to see what would happen, although it was already evident that these posts had a destructive agenda given the biased and prejudiced nature of the content.

April 2021: Continuation of Reddit posts and launch of Questioning Lighthouse website

  • Our response: we continued to monitor the situation and did not react online.

August 2021: Persistence of Reddit posts with no sign of stopping

  • Our response: Compilation of our first legal discovery document to present to our lawyers. Start to formulate online education strategy; addressing trolling indirectly with posts on social media and blogs on our website.

November 2021: First non-anonymous trolling post from Richard Thomas on LinkedIn with defamatory statements about Lighthouse Global and Lighthouse Kidz

  • Our response: Lighthouse Global Associates responded directly including multiple warnings about the pursuit of legal action. Started work on launching our Lighthouse Global Community site.

December 2021: Creation of a subreddit labelling Lighthouse Global as a cult and the persistent posting of defamatory statements about Lighthouse Global, its people and projects

  • Our first response: Warnings that after months of trolling, employers would be contacted. These warnings were mocked, so two employers were contacted for trolls whose identities had been confirmed.

  • Our second response: Paul S. Waugh offering an open invitation to all critics of Lighthouse Global home to work things out.

January 2022: Employers reply to our communications asking for more information

  • Our response: We provide extensive evidence of online trolling; comprehensive reports complete with hundreds of pages of screenshots, explanations of how trolls have been identified and describing the wider smear campaign they are part of as well as the impact on us as individuals and a business. The intention was to work with the employer to stop this destructive behaviour and help the individual reform.

February 2022: Daily Mail approaches Lighthouse Global for comment on an article with allegations made against us

  • Our response: We send a detailed 17,000-word response responding to all allegations and backed up with over 20 character references. Other than a few follow-up questions (which we also answered), we heard nothing back until seeing the article published in April 2022.

March 2022: Despite invitations to reconcile, informing employers and warnings of legal action, the trolling shows no signs of ceasing

  • Our response: Our attempts to reason have fallen on deaf ears, so we started to report trolls to the police. Police immediately offered to arrest one person for harassment, but we stated a warning would be enough.

April 2022: Daily Mail publishes biased and prejudiced article ignoring evidence from our comprehensive response and threatens to publish a second one

If you have any further information on those who have been seeking to defame and destroy the reputation of Lighthouse Global, its people and projects, then please contact us on

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When someone picks on you as a child or an adult even you try and be diplomatic,kind understanding to their behaviour ( Yes i know challenging). Its always about that person or group,the perpetrators whats going on with them to be so crazy with you or rude,nasty aggressive,speaking badly when its absolutely an illusion or incorrect,lies.

However there is a line and once its crossed you better believe this is over!!! I will speak the truth even if my voice shakes.I've never met such a bunch of pure hearts,giving,loyal,

transparent,loving,amazing,beautiful characters and compassionate humans ( list is endless) I'm confused why you hide who you are spouting out venom? There is always tests in life,this is another one for you…


Francisco Macedo
Francisco Macedo
May 07, 2022

This is a great article.

It is quite tough for people to accept that they do not see enough of the real world because of how their egos make them blind, and how we each have a vision that prevents us sometimes from seeing the actual truth, and I do appreciate these people are just in a state of blindness that they do believe they are absolutely right.

In any case, if they cannot understand that some people try to make the world a better place by not accepting the pseudo-community state we live in, where everyone just says the right thing to not stop the pseudo-harmony of the world, they need to be stopped, as they, in the end,…

Mel Francis
Mel Francis
May 07, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Francisco, this point about pseudo community is huge! I'm realised that very very very few people actually have looked into what it takes to build true community that isn't all happy clappy positive, that's not real. The reality is hard


Unknown member
May 07, 2022

Thank you for this article James. It's disheartening to see how much persistance these trolls have towards distroying LIG despite all the kindness you have offered. It saddens me to see that people can have so much damage and evil in them, that want to distroy a company that wants to do so much good. What's worse, they probably have the same behaviour in their families and all the other areas of their lives.

Props to you and anyone at LIG who stands for the truth and fights to bring this case to light. These people must be brought to court. I admire the patience, love and understanding LIG have shown through this process when dealing with trolls. It inspire…

Anthony Antoine
Anthony Antoine
May 09, 2022
Replying to

It’s a shame it needs to go to court, but I deeply believe you are right, this is evil, not even wickedness, as it said to be done in the name of good. If you stripe it down to its bare bones it’s childishness, they want like a child wants, even though it's not realistic or even possible and they are throwing a tantrum, a long extended physically ground (but not emotionally ground) tantrum!


Valerie Nash
Valerie Nash
May 06, 2022

Incredible work, and thank you so much James Mills and all the guys that supported you. Of all the areas in life that people seek our support this was not seen as the priority it has now become. A few bad apples, have certainly impacted on the enormity of the malignant nasty societal onslaught, with devastating consequences on our vulnerable and sensitive children who are targeted in the school yards and online. Where do these child bullies and trolls learn this… in their own homes, from their parents. Sensationalist trashy tabloids exacerbate this frenzy of hatred. What a journey, we will help so many desperate people, and help others to take a stand against Trolls Trolling and Bullies, that will…


Carl Willers
Carl Willers
May 06, 2022

Thank you for writing this article James. It’s incredible how Lighthouse has used this seemingly debilitating experience and transmuted it into an avenue to create a huge amount of value by helping everyone learn about the pathology of online trolls and how to handle them.

This is clearly much bigger than Lighthouse. It actually reveals the responsibility that we as human beings have to deanonymise trolls and inform employers of a known trolls. Because the same character defeats that cause year long tantrums over a ‘failed’ investment, will surely manifest in much more ugly ways during a dispute at their 9-5 job and perceived threat their livelihood. What lengths would these people go to in order to launch an ‘onslaught’…

Mel Francis
Mel Francis
May 12, 2022
Replying to

Wow that's damning James, for some who are the most prolific in their posting, it's astounding that they have time for anything else. The first on this list in particular


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