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Setting The Record Straight On Paul S. Waugh - My Mentorship Experience

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Let me just start this article by saying I grew up as someone who rebelled against authority. After my dad left it created a lot of anger in me and after about the age of 13 I didn’t want to listen to anyone telling me what to do, especially male authority figures. I got in a lot of trouble at school, was nearly expelled and had some brushes with the law when I was young. I was one of the last people who would go to others for guidance... “who are you to tell me what to do?” was my attitude. I’ve written in previous articles how at 24 I met my mentor Chris Nash and then Paul S. Waugh and why Paul was the one person in my life I had met who I felt understood me because of his background.

This year we’ve had a tiny minority of disgruntled ex-Lighthouse Associate Elects (about 3 people) go online on Reddit and other platforms and anonymously slander and defame someone who has helped me more in my life than anyone else and I wanted to set the record straight from my personal experience which is based in fact. My name is on this article, everything here can be evidenced and backed up. The people writing online are criminals and calling someone a thief and a conman can end in a prison sentence with the new online safety bill. This is a warning to the trolls, if you believe so much in what you are saying and you aren’t just bitter about not getting a refund then back up your claims, where’s your proof?

So let’s start with the main question / accusation that gets asked by a tiny minority…is Paul S. Waugh some sort of conman corrupting impressionable young people for his own coercive scheme somehow. Well if he was he would be the stupidest conman I have ever met!

When I became an associate at Lighthouse Global I invested £25,000 in myself on a tailored Associate Elect program as did everyone else. This is not uncommon and it’s equivalent to the cost of a university degree. I can categorically say that what I have received over the last 14 years of my life has been way more than I ever invested.

In fact 4-5 years ago I wrote to Paul and offered to invest the equivalent of my associate training fee again because of what I had received. I’m not just talking financially. I’m talking about the love, the self-extension and going out of his way time and time again for me and my family. I’ll give you a few examples...

  • When my family wasn’t earning and I was just starting out we received an eviction notice from my landlord if we didn’t pay £3,000 in rent that was due. We were due to be kicked out of our house. I phoned Paul and he helped. He paid off my rent straight away so we could stay in our family home; myself, my mother and my brother. Some conman eh?

  • One Christmas out of the goodness of his heart he gave me a cheque for rent because he knew we had had a tough time that year.

  • 2-3 years ago when I was going through hell with my family and I couldn’t earn for a year he paid for me and a few others to stay in a house in Rugby, out in nature, away from the city and sponsored food and board for that entire year for me. That bill ran up to £30,000 and I know because I totalled it up by the end of the year. Some conman eh?

So those are some financial examples because that’s what this tiny minority of criminal trolls are mainly concerned about. I will tell you now that Paul S. Waugh does more giving financially than anything we have invested in Lighthouse. I have personally seen him help single-parent families, parents whose children are struggling with mental health, paying for children’s school fees and much more. That money doesn’t come from Lighthouse, that money comes from his own pocket! The money I have invested in myself, if you work out the mentoring cost over 10 years receiving on average 2 hours a day of mentoring, works out to about £7 an hour!! Like I said, I have received WAY more than I have put in which is how investment is supposed to work!

The people who left did so because they didn’t get the money on a plate they wanted. They wanted to sit there and enjoy the profits while everyone else worked themselves to the bone to break through. They weren’t here to grow and develop they were just here to share in the fruits of everyone else’s labour and the proof of that is how they have handled a problem like this. Instead of sorting things out, despite Paul S. Waugh repeatedly offering to speak to them in his home, as you can see in this invitation here, they have gone online and slandered him. Now the cynical among you may say “well you’re supposed to defend him you’re part of Lighthouse” and yes I will admit absolutely that I will defend him, but I will always defend someone when they are on the right side of truth, the right side of the principles of justice and fairness. Regardless of whether someone is part of Lighthouse or not, the thing I and we are most committed to is absolute truth!

I am not in emotional bondage to Paul S. Waugh as has been stated. The people writing this have very little idea of what this even means. As this article states there are indicators:

Emotional bondage occurs when:

1. You constantly make choices that bring hurt and pain into your life

2. You have thoughts that are almost always negative or frightening

3. You are not enjoying the life you are living.

Believe me, I have had many times with Paul S. Waugh where it’s been far from a walk in the park and I have had many many many disagreements with him, but we have always been able to work through these things and talk things out. He has always encouraged me and us to challenge and question him and not just take everything he says verbatim. In fact he's challenged me for agreeing with him too much! That's what a true mentor ought to do, to want his/her mentees to be better, to grow and reach their potential. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and yes I have created distance from my family because they are incredibly toxic and he's helped me with this. I am also producing the most financially I have in my life and yes I will continue to invest in myself and my mentorship here at Lighthouse. Self-investment is a crucial principle that we all need to align ourselves with to realise our own value and potential.

I can also state in writing that I have made serious serious mistakes here at Lighthouse that would have seen me kicked out from any other company but I wasn’t here at Lighthouse. Paul S. Waugh understood I was acting out my fears from a very troubled childhood and he empathised with that and felt compassion. He could have just shown me the door but he never did and for that, I am eternally grateful. I come from a controlling family, I know what toxic narcissism is! If I was in another environment where that was being done to me I wouldn’t be there for long!!

I wanted to set the record straight on these things. I am not hiding. We are not hiding. We are putting our names on things and those who are interested in the truth will see that. These people are criminals who say this stuff online. Author and renowned psychiatrist M. Scott Peck says you can kill a person by not touching a hair on their head - and that’s what trolls do online. They want to destroy and break down. I read that there is a celebratory blog post that 6 people left mentoring at Lighthouse and how that is somehow good news. They are actually celebrating people being sabotaged in their growth and development. If we had anything to hide and were somehow manipulating people don’t you think we would avoid putting this stuff online?

Honestly, these people are just really childish and I hope and pray they see the error of their ways and stop this childish behaviour. I know what it’s like to be bullied and these people have been bullied badly themselves, they are weak cowards hiding behind false names and it’s time the record was set straight. Their behaviour is criminal and I wanted to write this piece to set the record straight on a few things.

Paul S. Waugh, myself on the right and my brother Sukh on the left, back in 2011

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