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The Waugh Rooms - The Parental Child Protection Series

Updated: Feb 8

Lighthouse International Group, now known as Lighthouse Global's, Paul S. Waugh, personally addresses the individuals who have tried to destroy the lives, the character and the well-being of Lighthouse partners, our families and our children.

This has gone on long enough, the people responsible for this abuse do not care about what happens to children and the destruction to innocent lives they cause.

Groundswell aims to unite parents, family members and anyone who cares about the safety and protection of children. People get away with murder online, under anonymity and blurred lines. We need adults to stand together and ensure that the innocent and vulnerable are safe from being attacked. Paul is a human being and a father first and foremost, he is speaking as one here.

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Series 2.1: Parental Child Protection Series

Series 2:2 - Protect Children & Become a Better Parent

For further understanding of what we as a community have been dealing with, read this previous blog: Lighthouse Global Responds to Smear Campaign by Ex-Partners and Daily Mail Article

If you resonate with what Groundswell is aiming to achieve, get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible, email us or visit The Waugh Rooms website.

To read more about our work and personal accounts on this and much more about Lighthouse Global and work with people, please visit us: Lighthouse Global.

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